The Limerick Voice Team 2020

Stella Gordon is a feature writer for the Limerick Voice. Minoring in politics, Stella has a strong interest in current affairs as well as conversations surrounding mental health, arts and Irish history. She is excited to continue feature writing with the Voice.

Oisín Nolan is Deputy Sports Editor for the Limerick Voice. Oisín has always been passionate about sports and sports coverage. A course in journalism was something he wanted to pursue since he started secondary school with sports journalism being his preferred passion. Oisín recently had a seven-month work experience stay with The Kerryman Newspaper in Tralee where he got to work with some of the best journalists in the country, an experience he says was of huge benefit to him.

Oisin White is the business correspondent for the Limerick Voice. He studies economics and how it can be applied in the real world. Oisin enjoys learning how business decisions made at a governmental level impact the general public. He's interested in most sports as well, but particularly football and rugby. He worked as a match reporter in the past. In previous jobs he has also worked as a chief reporter covering politics, sports, business, and community stories. White has also worked in public relations.

Síofra Grant is an investigative Journalist for the Limerick Voice and a part of the Investigative Unit. She has had an interest in Journalism since she was in secondary school. Her areas of interest include Politics, Fashion and Conflict. She hopes to go into print Journalism. She created 27 videos for the UL project 50Voices/50Years during her time at the Presidents office in which she interviewed notable figures from the Universities past.

Conon MacLeod is Music Correspondent for the Limerick Voice. Previously having worked for Wired FM as well as being ULFM's current Station Manager, Conon's career thus far has been dictated by a passion for broadcasting and student media. Producing and presenting Wired FM's current affairs programme, Conon has also been a freelance music journalist for the past four years.

Ellie Mc Carthy is the Social Media Manager of Limerick Voice. Ellie discovered her passion for social media through her co-op placement and it has been growing ever since. The plans she has for Limerick Voice's social media is to keep it as positive and interactive as possible so viewers see the humanistic side of the media outlet. Her content will feature a behind the scenes look at Limerick Voice and its talented array of writers. For as long as she can remember, Ellie has adored writing and knew one day she wanted it to be her profession and here it is! Ellie will also be writing a variety of stories throughout the next few months also. She is eager to combine her two loves of writing and social media and watch it all come to life, along with the help of her talented social media and content creation team.

Caitriona Potter is a 21-year-old multimedia news reporter from Roscommon. With a strong personal interest in health and wellbeing, Caitriona will be covering breaking news stories in this area. Caitriona completed her internship with GalwayNOW magazine last year, where she wrote opinion pieces and features on topics ranging from beauty, fashion, sustainability, health and wellness. Minoring in English literature, her interest peaked when learning about women’s writing and the discourse surrounding feminism and women’s rights. Caitriona is a creative, passionate journalist and strives to produce high quality work in her role at Limerick Voice.

Gemma Good is an Investigative Reporter and Photographer for the Limerick Voice. Gemma has had an interest in writing from a young age and first began pursuing a career in journalism in 2018 with her local newspaper The Anglo Celt. She has since worked there as a part time multi-media reporter and weekly columnist. She has covered a range of areas including current affairs, arts, agriculture and sport among others. Her interest in photography compliments her articles.

Ann-Chloé Mentor is a 22 year old Journalism Masters student from Montréal, Canada. She realized she was interested in media after joining Leeds Student Television during her semester abroad at University of Leeds in her undergrad. She is interested in music, arts and culture. She also hosts a ULFM radio show called ‘The Bronze’.

Shuya Xiang is a postgraduate student in UL journalism. She has contributed to several television and media outlets in China. This experience not only demonstrates a deep passion for storytelling but also showcases an ability to adapt to diverse media platforms.

Xinbei Huang is a journalism student at the University of Limerick who likes to operate social media accounts. She majored in broadcasting and hosting when she was an undergraduate in China, and she has a good knowledge of news and broadcasting. She previously operated Weibo in China and participated in many activities. She also often participates in programs as a reporter in school.

Lucy Edith Kiiza is a professional Journalist and a content creator known for her insightful reporting and compelling storytelling. With a career spanning over five years, Lucy has covered a wide range of topics, including politics, social issues, and global events. She has worked for reputable news outlets such as the NewVision in Uganda and has reported from various parts of the world hence bringing forth the voices of the marginalised and challenging the status quo.Lucy is committed to upholding journalistic integrity and is widely respected for her contribution to the field, making her a trusted voice in the realm of media.

Sara Pelizzoli is a 23-year-old young adult from Italy. She studied Italian Literature in Milan and had some experience in publishing as a freelancer for a couple of websites. She’s always been fascinated by Journalism and Communication. She’s curious, determinate and always willing to learn new things and meet new people. She’s into art, literature, cinema, fashion, music.

Tara Byrne is a Masters in Journalism student at the University of Limerick. Previously, Tara was lead writer for I Love Limerick Ltd and is passionate about writing stories. It was during her time here that she realised she wanted to pursue a career in journalism. As a former English and Sociology undergraduate student, she has an eye for societal issues and wishes to voice these issues in her work. She believes in community and wishes to be a voice for those who want to share their story.

Alex O’Sullivan is Deputy Features Editor for the Limerick Voice. Alex is a passionate writer and found her skills and joy for feature writing while interning with the Cork Independent, where she gained most of her writing experience. She also has a history of sports writing when covering many rugby matches for her home club in West Cork. She has a range of writing interests from culture and art, to sports, and current affairs.

Cillian Foley is the deputy content creator for the Limerick Voice, a passionate journalist with a flair for storytelling and filmmaking. Working in content creation and promotional material for the paper on all forms of social media. They cover a wide range of topics, from breaking news & investigative reporting to human interest stories that resonate with readers and viewers alike. Working in tandem with Daniel Ryan on all things related to filming and editing all forms of social media content related for the Limerick Voice.

Holly Burke is a Creative Content Producer for the Limerick Voice. She is very passionate about social media and content creation. In 2021, Holly worked for the University of Limerick’s School of Education where she managed their social media platforms. She has also been doing some freelance social media work for local companies in Galway alongside her degree in Journalism. Holly is also a talented multimedia reporter with an interest in music, current affairs, and pop culture.

Kevin is a news reporter for the Limerick Voice.

Joe is the Editor-in-Chief of the Limerick Voice. His experience lies in long-form print journalism, contributing regularly to Gay Community News (GCN), Ireland’s longest-running LGBTQ+ publication. His stories have also appeared in GAY45EU, Laois, Today and I Love Limerick, garnering three SMEDIA nominations along the way. As well as studying journalism at UL, he also speaks proficient German and plans to combine these two elements while working after graduation. He has a keen interest in human rights, current affairs and pop culture writing.

The managing editor of Limerick Voice 2023/2024, Molly Cantwell is an award winning multimedia journalist, documentary maker, and editor. Having previously completed a QQI Level 5 and QQI Level 6 in Broadcast Journalism, Molly has a well rounded knowledge in all areas of journalism. Cantwell is a senior contributoring writer with Hot Press Magazine, having just finshed up an interim position as an editorial staff writer. Her freelance credits include work with Overblown Magazine, GCN Magazine, The Limerick Leader, The Clare Echo, and more. Molly is passionate about advocating for equality, human rights and animal rights through journalism, plus music journalism, political journalism, and more.

Joe Costigan is Features Editor of Limerick Voice as well as a digital reporter for CorkBeo. His stories have been published on the Irish Mirror, Dublin Live, Belfast Live, Irish Star and Wales Online. Joe has a keen interest in politics, current affairs and the arts. Joe is also co-host of ‘Are UL?’ the UL Student Life Podcast.

Corey is the Sports Editor for the Limerick Voice. With a huge passion for sport and writing, Corey decided in 2019 that he would combine both and pursue a career in Sports Journalism. Corey has experience of working in this field, completing his placement with local sports media outlet Sporting Limerick. Match reviews, previews and social media work are just a few to name of the tasks he completed in his time there, covering all sports from football to cricket.

Nicola is Breaking News Editor for the Limerick Voice. Hailing from Cork, Nicola has had an interest in news and current affairs from an early age, and has probably been called nosey more than once! Her interest in news developed further while working as an intern in the newsroom in Cork’s RedFM in 2022. While on her internship, Nicola covered a range of breaking news stories including Budget 2023, the deaths of Cervical Check victims Lynsey Bennett and Vicky Phelan, and the ongoing war in Ukraine. In addition to breaking news, Nicola has a passion for writing and researching articles on women’s health, Irish history and politics, and the Irish language.

Lauren is Podcast Editor for the Limerick Voice. Even before her studies at UL, and her experience working as a researcher and reporter for Limerick’s Live 95FM, she always knew of her love for presenting, audio mixing, and music. Her key journalistic interests include community reporting, environmental issues, current affairs, and pop culture.

Daniel Ryan is Content Creator Manager for Limerick Voice. Daniel featured as writer for The Texas Horn and now creates TikToks for the University of Limerick. In 2022, Daniel was responsible for transforming UL Global’s TikTok into the 3rd biggest university page in Ireland. If he isn’t seen playing chess or powerlifting, you might find him studying Korean!

Miles Filletti-O'Donnell is a Multimedia Reporter for the Limerick Voice. In 2014 Miles worked briefly for the Scottish Times in Edinburgh before moving to Aberdeen to attend University and continue his career as a freelance journalist. In 2022 he moved to Ireland to peruse his professional basketball career.

Áine Ní Mhurchú is a Fashion Correspondent and Multi Media Reporter for Limerick Voice. A proud Gaeilgeoir, she always wants to include some Irish. A confident speaker her family always joked she was destined for TG4 then president. Her interests now lie in fashion, sport and culture which she will write about here at the Voice.

Leanne Donegan is a multimedia reporter for the Limerick Voice. Leanne is passionate about all things social media and current affairs. Leanne also currently freelances for media outlets such as the Nenagh Guardian and Creatively Contenting. Previously having worked with UL School of Education and the Tipperary Star, her determination to find and publish engaging stories is evident.

Eamonn Walsh is a 22 year old journalist hailing from Limerick, and is working as a Culture and Music reporter for the Limerick Voice. Eamonn recently worked as an assistant producer and Events manager at Fresh Film during his work experience. A passionate music lover, Eamonn has been enjoying and writing about music and art in Limerick for the last two years as well following his passion for DJing, performing at and promoting nights around the city.

Thomas Lawrence is a 21-year-old journalist from Mayo, operating as a Multi-Media Reporter for Limerick Voice, and has experience at the Western People covering a range of local news including politics, local business, and sports. Thomas has a keen interest in national and international politics, English soccer and has a passion for Mayo Football GAA.

Matthew Hurley is Deputy Podcast Editor for the Limerick Voice. Podcasting has been a passion of his since he started his own Gaelic Statsman Podcast in December 2020. The podcast has amassed ninety-six episodes to date, with the podcast on Spotify, YouTube and other podcasting platforms. In 2022, Matthew joined the Southern Star as a Junior Sports Reporter and has been a contributor to the successful Star Sport Podcast, which has been shortlisted for the Best Use of Digital category in the Local Ireland Media Awards 2023. In 2019, he started the social media account Gaelic Statsman, an account that does stats on Gaelic Games’ matches. Journalists from RTÉ, and Off the Ball have used the stats.

Rachel is A 21-year-old journalist from Co. Mayo and is part of the Limerick Voice social media and photography team. Journalism and content creation has been a passion of hers from an early age. With a minor in Law, her interests lie in investigative journalism and current affairs. In 2022, Rachel worked as a junior consultant with a communications company in Dublin where she developed social media strategies, managed social media engagement, and created educational and promotional content relating to the company. Rachel is also a multimedia reporter, focusing on arts, culture, sports, and fashion.

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