How Spice Vintage made the move to online during Covid

With businesses forced to make the move to online due to COVID-19 restrictions, many are struggling to find a new way to stand out from the crowd and draw in all important sales.

However, one business that has taken the online world by storm is Spice Vintage.

Opened in 2018 Spice Vintage is owned by Laois native Gracie Collier, who opened the store in Limerick following a successful pop-up shop in Clonakilty in Cork.

When asked about the move, Gracie explained that she wanted to “take it to a bigger city so I Googled a city with no vintage shop and Limerick came up.”

Spice Vintage owner Gracie Collier

Following two very successful years of business selling vintage apparel situated at the heart of Limerick City, Gracie made the decision to shut the store completely- but not for the reasons you may think.

While Covid-19 restrictions were the initial reason for the physical stores closure, the decision to make the move permanently online was due to massive success for the store online.

“I couldn’t keep up with the sales.. so I had to create a platform where I can pop all the clothes onto it at one time, ” Gracie explained.

“I closed Spice on the 15th of March and I started selling on Instagram, but I didn’t think it would sell out in twenty minutes and it did”

The transition to an online market has brought a new element to the business- however Gracie is excited to see where the company goes next.

“I’m 100% going to stay online – I’m definitely up for adapting and adding new elements to the business, getting a bigger team behind me and bringing it to more people.”

With many people stuck at home due to Covid restrictions online sales figures have raised by over 17%, however, many small businesses are struggling to maintain revenue.

Speaking about her experience making the move online, Gracie explained that the internet is every businesses best friend.

“I think if you don’t want to give up on what you’ve created and what you’ve poured your heart and soul into – because if you’ve started your own business that’s definitely what you’ve done – then take to the internet. There’s a Youtube video for everything.”

When asked about any tips she has for success in making the move online Gracie emphasised the importance of “a positive mental attitude,” especially during these “crazy times.”

“Resilience is really important. Moving forward is really important; if you have a business there is always a way to adapt it.”

“If you’re trying something new as a business you’re going to get support because Irish people are just so brilliant at getting behind people trying to stay going.”

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