Limerick Supports a Weekend of Education and Entrepreneurship

Limerick is playing host to a series of enterprise and educational events this weekend.

125 students from across Ireland were awarded scholarships to fund their college education from the JP McManus All Ireland Scholarship Programme at the University Concert Hall today.

Three Limerick students were among the recipients including Anna Kern, the Limerick asylum seeker who feared she wouldn’t be able to attend university until the Royal College of Surgeons offered to waive her fees.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Anna said: “I am very grateful to the Minister for Education and to everyone who was involved in my case.”

Maebh Ní Ghuairim from Castletroy and Conor Cregan from Glin were the other Limerick recipients.

The guest speaker at this year’s ceremony was award winning jockey A P McCoy, who urged students to seize the opportunities the scholarship presented to them.

“I think it’s important in life that you can pick a career that you are very passionate about and it’s something that you are going to enjoy,” he said.

Startup Weekend Limerick is also being hosted at the University of Limerick this weekend.

The 54 hour event is taking place at the Nexus Innovation Centre and aims to bring together Limerick designers, developers and entrepreneurs to pitch and develop their startup ideas.

Teams will form around the top ideas as determined by popular vote and a three day project of business model creation, designing, and market validation will follow.

Ideas to be developed include: A delivery service which looks to reduce carbon footprint in logistics, a one-stop shop and information centre for expectant and new mothers and a smart-house app that allows the elderly to connect to their children and grand-children through audio messages.

The weekend is organised by a small group of volunteers and will culminate on Sunday with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders, with the opportunity for feedback available.

Nexus Centre Manager Gert O’Rourke said: “Nexus are delighted to sponsor startup weekend Limerick. It’s a whirlwind weekend of opportunity, networking, community, hard work and constructive criticism.”

The event coincides with the fourth Global Irish Economic Forum which concluded at Dublin Castle today.

A host of leading Irish and Irish-connected figures were in Limerick City earlier this week for a regional leg of the convention.

The forum was organised by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and aimed to generate job creation and encourage entrepreneurship for Ireland’s economic recovery.

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