Limericks Entropy Treatment Rooms massage fundraiser in aid of Kornelia

Entropy Treatment Rooms
Louise Kennedy

Anna Moran, Owner of Entropy Treatment Rooms in the Maldron Hotel Limerick hosted a fundraiser October 29 in aid of her Granddaughter, Kornelia.

The Halloween themed fundraiser took place in the Entropy Treatment Rooms between 11a.m-5p.m and proved to be a big hit with those from around the city.

Entropy Treatment Rooms

Anna Moran giving a client a complimentary mini massage. Picture: Louise Kennedy.

Kornelia, who is only 16 months old, lives in Poland with her parents and is battling the lifelong disease, Cystic Fibrosis.

This fundraiser is unlike no other, with complimentary mini treatments available such as head massages, hands and forearm massages and neck and shoulder chair massage as well as acupuncture and well-being consultations.

Entropy Treatment Rooms

Anna Moran doing what she does best during her fundraising event. Picture: Louise Kennedy.

Moran emphasises how, “Our well-being is one of the most valuable things we have. We are living longer. The therapies are slowly building popularity”.

Moran, who first opened the treatment rooms five years ago, says: “Medical treatment in Poland is bad, it just covers the basics and the rest of her treatment which is so important isn’t covered. If we want to provide her everything which is available on the medical market we need to put funds into it. The older she gets the more expensive it is. The condition she has is progressive so the farther in life the worse it gets.”

Entropy Treatment Rooms

Information all about Kornelia inside the Entropy Treatment Rooms. Picture: Louise Kennedy.

“I love her so much I will never stop. She is cute and intelligent and my first and only grandchild, I don’t want to lose her,” continues a heartfelt Moran.

The vast three treatment room facility was vibrantly decorated in Halloween attire and hot beverages with an array of delicious healthy polish foods made by Moran with the support of some friends were available for all to enjoy.

“I would feel terribly awkward going around with a box shaking around for people begging for money, I think I am giving something back by this,” explained Moran.

Entropy Treatment Rooms

Food to cater for everyone’s taste at the fundraiser. Picture: Louise Kennedy.

This fundraiser is the second of its kind hosted by Moran in aid of her granddaughter and she plans on doing more, the next being on December 17.

All of us here at the Limerick Voice wish Anna and Kornelia the best for the future..

The Entropy Treatment Rooms is open Monday to Friday 1p.m-7p.m and Saturday 11a.m-7p.m. They offer a wide range of services from sports injury therapies, holistic massages and acupuncture, all at reasonable prices.

For more information on the Entropy Treatment Rooms click here.

Entropy Treatment Rooms

Picture: Louise Kennedy.

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