New co-working spaces announced by Innovate Limerick

Innovate Limerick and the Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) have launched Happen, a network of co-working spaces across the Mid-West region. 

The network was launched by Limerick, Clare and Tipperary and comprises of both public and private co-working spaces and create a community for remote workers in the mid-west. 

Happen promises to connect new and existing hubs across the region to facilitate working in a changed environment and create  a community for remote workers in the mid-west. 

Leah Morgan, Happen Operations Manager with Innovate Limerick said: “Happen strives to help people create a better work-life balance, by providing high-quality co-working facilities in the mid-west. We are challenging traditional urban-rural divides and offering flexible work locations in cities, towns and villages.”

Prompted by the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on working, this network creates a community for isolated workers in the region looking for a new place to collaborate. 

Commuting time was also one of the reasons for the space, as Happen aims to reduce commuting time for workers across the mid-west who would have main offices based further afield.

Each hub across the network provides a modern co-work space for freelancers, start-ups and remote workers and allows users to avail of an office space via a centralised online booking system. 

Head of Innovative Limerick and LEO Limerick, Mike Cantwell said: “What is unique about Happen is that it is the first professionally managed and operated network of its kind in the country with its own distinctive brand and I am confident that it will add greatly to the enterprise development infrastructure of Limerick and the entire mid-west.”

Users of the Happen spaces also become a part of a Happen business community which is supported by the Digital Collaboration Centre at ENGINE, Film in Limerick’s Regional Manager, Happen Operations Manager, LEOs and other support agencies.

Members of the Happen brand say everyone will benefit from being linked to a region-wide network. 

Suzie O’Connor, Business Development Manager of the Yard Workspace in Newcastle West, said, “We see The Yard’s integration with Happen as a key support to facilitate up to 60 remote working jobs in West Limerick and to stimulate the local economy. This collaboration gives The Yard and its members access to a wider business network while also providing innovative solutions and support systems to grow our community.”

To find out more about Happen or to book a co-working space, simply log onto

Happen can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @happenmidwest

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