Students pay it forward with new clothing brand

University of Limerick students have have founded a new and sustainable clothing brand called HAM Salvage.

Jack Harte, Stephen Adams and Sam Meany created the innovative brand which focuses on reselling sustainable clothing and looks to give back to the community around them. 

Harte says: “We didn’t want to associate ourselves maybe so much with like we sell vintage clothes, but we also wanted to upcycle clothes and like salvage them in a way and give them back a new life”

The brand, has been very successful with its creative Tree Tokens initiative which has helped plant over 100 trees with the Bora project in Kenya.

It allows customers to post a picture of the token they receive with their orders, which would lead them getting an email with the tree they have planted. 

Going HAM: HAM Salvage founders Jack Harte, Stephen Adams and Sam Meany

Stephen Adams added: “We ended up going with the Bora project in Kenya because it provided the trees which in turn gives us back the oxygen and it was used for the likes of medicinal purposes and stuff like that throughout the community that’s down there”

For each order in November, the brand will donate one Euro to Focus Ireland to help combat homelessness in their local community.

Focus Ireland - Wikipedia
Drive: Focus Ireland will benefit from Ham Salvage’s November sales

Stephen Adams said “No matter how many how many sales, we would donate a euro from every sale, probably at the end of November, start of December, so it gets through to people that need it for Christmas”

The brands future looks bright with the group hoping to start a swap shop eventually in UL, where they can team up with other vintage sellers.

Sam Meany said, “we were hoping to start the UL swap shop and kind of sell our clothes at that as well because of covid we obviously can’t at the moment but we would love to have that.”

Meany added that the main aim of the brand was to encourage people to buy sustainably, to “shop vintage, go to charity shops, wear your clothes and don’t be afraid to wear the same top in three Instagram posts”

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