‘We don’t break news we break it down’ – Hilary McGann

NewsFix CEO Hilary McGann

A Limerick woman and a former UL graduate is making waves in the media industry with her news service of breaking down the news of the day into small summary chunks.

Hilary McGann who is a former Young Irish Journalist of the Year and a former producer at CNN, founded NewsFix in November 2020.

The idea came about during the first wave of Covid-19, where Ms McGann began to post breakdowns of news headlines on her personal Instagram.

“The summarisations of news headlines was the first time I brought the journalist in me to my personal Instagram account,” she said.

The positive response she received from her followers led to the idea to create a

“The aim of NewsFix is to break down the news into key things that you should know.

“It helped people to engage in different conversations and helped them to be more informed of what was going on.

What is NewsFix?

NewsFix is a free-to-use online news summary service. Daily updates will be posted both online on the NewsFix website and emailed directly to subscribers inboxes.

The company employs six full-time staff who work on a variety of different aspects from podcasts, to social media and news content itself.

Ms McGann said the aim of NewsFix is that “we don’t break the news we break it down”.

“We are not a news breaking platform and we are not in competition with anyone else.”

“It’s better to be right than first. We will always take a minute to look at and research any content we are unsure about.

Ms McGann said that the next six months are “crucial” for NewsFix as a platform as she looks to expand the company and attract new investors.

She stated that investment was crucial in order to keep NewsFix as a free news platform and that keeping the momentum going enables her to entice people who normally don’t read the news.

“The next couple of months is a numbers game,” she concluded.

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