WhackVintage owners discuss going from pop-up to fully-fledged business

Running your own business is not an easy endeavour; from organising stock to brand marketing, there is no such thing as a regular nine to five working day.

This routine grows even more stressful when a university student’s workload is added.

This is the life of WhackVintage, 3rd year Sports Science students: Cian Cunningham and Oisin Fahy.

WhackVintage is an online vintage clothing website which delivers high quality vintage items across Ireland and Europe.

“It’s sort of a culture down in Limerick as well – so many students, they dress in this certain way.”

“It was almost natural at the start that we would start something we both had an interest in and then it sort of grew from there” shared Cunningham when asked about the inspiration behind WhackVintage.

Cunningham and Fahy are students at the University of Limerick.

The business has grown since its launch over a year ago and hosted a pop-up shop in the Wickham Way in Limerick City in December.

The owners were proud to say that the pop-up shop was a success and are hoping to organise another one soon.

“With vintage clothes, even with most clothes, trying on is totally different to shopping online.

“It’s just such a better experience to actually go in and be able to see the clothes in front of you.

“We would’ve had pieces that we thought were really nice and didn’t sell on the website and were like: ‘Why is this not selling?’

“And someone would come in, they’ll look at it and see the quality is really good and they’ll buy it” recalled Fahy.

Whack Vintage owners Oisin Fahy and Cian Cunningham (Photo credit: Whack Vintage Instagram)

Seeing the success of their enterprise, both Cunningham and Fahy are keen on pursuing it full-time and hope to see it grow in the future.

“Nothing is taken out.” said Fahy in relation to the profits of the company.

“Neither of us have seen a cent out of the business in the past while, but it’s more so I don’t want to take money out because I want to see it grow.”

“If you start pulling money out of it then it’s not going to grow,” he added.

“You just have to keep on putting in into different areas like your website, your content, your models.”

“And you will actually just see the fruits of that.”

You can check out Whack Vintage via their website and Instagram

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