Glean Áine Alight brings history to life

Picture by Kieran Ryan
Picture By Kieran Ryan

Picture By Kieran Ryan

The area of Hospital in Limerick was home to a spectacular pageant that brought history and heritage together last Saturday evening.

Twenty-five local children and artists banded together to create the performance, Glean Áine Alight.

The project empowered the community of Hospital to take part in an event based on the heritage of their town, according to Limerick City and County Council Culture and Arts Officer Sheila Deegan.

“(It) was inclusive, expansive and connected the community with each other in new ways based on co-production and co-creation,” she added.

Glean Áine Alight enthralled the community of Hospital with a live extravaganza that included aerial dance, fire-drawing, lantern making and mass movement.

Glean Áine Alight

Glean Áine Alight

The entire production was a culmination of an eight day ‘school’ in Limerick where 25 artists shared their knowledge and learned new skills from one another such as fire technique and aerial performance.

Both children and adults in the Hospital area shared this experience through lantern making, percussion workshops and performance.

Chairman of Hospital and Herbertstown GAA William Fox praised the event for being an amazing opportunity for Hospital.

“We’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime in Hospital….We are buzzing about what we can do in the future on what we saw and learned this week,” he added.

The tale Glean Áine Alight told was the legacy of the crusading Knights Hospitaller who built the cathedral in Hospital in 1215.

The event was a legacy project from the Limerick 2020 bid and was put in place as part of a programme for Limerick to develop projects and events which explore the diversity of belonging.

The pageant was co-created by Walk the Plank, an outdoor arts company from the UK and Fidget Feet, an aerial dance company from Limerick.

Fidget Feet, Limerick Aerial Dance Company

Fidget Feet, Limerick Aerial Dance Company

The event was a European funded project through Creative Europe.   

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