Light Moves Festival of Screendance Returns To Limerick

Curators of Light Moves, Mary Wycherley and Jürgen Simpson. Picture courtesy of Nigel Dugdale.

Light Moves, Ireland’s only international festival dedicated to screen dance, returned to Limerick city this Novermber.

Produced by Dance Limerick and the Digital Media and Arts Research Centre (DMARC) at the University of Limerick, the partnership event attracts submissions from across the globe, including Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Thanks to essential links to international companies and additional support from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, the event organizers were able to present high quality exhibits, installations and screenings across Limerick.

Curated by Mary Wycherley and Jürgen Simpson, Light Moves was born following eight years of collaboration as part of Limerick City of Culture 2014.

“What we have now is the essential infrastructure which allows Light Moves to be what it is,” said Ms Wycherley.

“This is an organic development of something which belongs to Limerick. It’s not a model based on anywhere else.”

Ms Wycherley, who hails from Skibbereen in County Cork, has a background in dance performance and choreography.

“As well as cross-cultural and international exchanges, this is about how we interact with our city, our people and our fellow artists,” she continued.

A key objective for the curators is to appeal to people beyond the dance community, particularly those interested in cinema or visual arts.

“One of our goals here is to reach out to communities and find new ways of thinking about screen dance,” said Jürgen Simpson.

Mr Simpson, an esteemed composer and lecturer at the University of Limerick, has worked through many creative mediums including opera dance and film.

“In the last number of years, people from different areas of the arts have come together to realise singular visions, which are based upon our culture and our thinking, and this practice is so inviting to so many different types of audiences.”

Director of Dance Limerick and producer of this year’s festival, Jenny Trainor, believes that for those working in dance, film has become a growing area both nationally and internationally.

“Availability and access to new technology has made this fusion possible,” she added.

“Film allows us to push the boundaries. In many ways, the editor acts as a choreographer in dance film.”

Alongside a wealth of various directors, composers, writers and cinematographers, guest speakers at this year’s event included Claudia Kappenberg, a performance and media artist, and the renowned British choreographer, Siobhan Davies.

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