Limerick launches migrant integration forum: A pioneering step towards diversity and unity

Meeting of the Limerick Migrant Integration Forum
Meeting of the Limerick Migrant Integration Forum. Image: Keith Wiseman

Limerick City and County Council marked a historic milestone with the inaugural meeting of INTEgreat, the Limerick Migrant Integration Forum.

Public representatives and those behind community-focused organisations came together on Monday, November 27 to mark a big moment for Limerick’s strong community of migrants.

The event, held at the prestigious Council Chamber in County Hall, Dooradoyle, was chaired by Councilor Gerald Mitchell, Mayor of the City and County of Limerick, emphasizing the city’s commitment to inclusive decision-making and social integration.

The forum is a key initiative by Limerick City and County Council as part of the EU INTEgreat Project aims to empower migrant communities in their journey toward social inclusion, integration, and active participation in the decision-making process.

Cllr Mitchell emphasized the city’s rich diversity, saying: “With 17% of residents born outside of Ireland, exceeding the national average OF 15%, collaborating with migrant support organization Doras, Limerick City and County Council is enthusiastic about fostering engagement and diversity in leadership.”

John Lannon, CEO of Doras, said: ‘’I view the Migrant Forum as a significant opportunity for voices to be heard and to get involved in local decision-making. Limerick is home to so many inspiring and talented leaders from migrant and refugee backgrounds, who are working to make Limerick a better place for all of us to live.

“The establishment of the Migrant Forum creates an important space that will help to facilitate engagement and increase diversity in leadership in Limerick.”

Seamus O’Connor, the chief officer at Limerick City and County Council expressed delight in supporting the establishment of the Limerick Migrant Integration Forum.

The forum, boasting over 30 members from 20 diverse backgrounds, is set to be a platform for dialogue, cooperation, and addressing challenges faced by migrant communities.

With objectives ranging from providing a structured voice to migrant communities to encouraging information exchange and addressing barriers, the Forum represents a significant step toward unity.

Limerick, through the Migrant Integration Forum, is carving a path toward a more inclusive and diverse future, where all voices contribute to the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

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