Limerick Writers’ Centre hold virtual book launch for ‘Writers Unmasked’

Limerick Writers’ Centre held a virtual launch on Zoom for their latest anthology ‘Writers Unmasked’ on December 4.

Writers Unmasked is an anthology of writing from their creative writing course in 2020.

The Limerick Writers’ Centre is an organisation that promotes writers from Limerick through readings, workshops and publishing activities.

Dominic Taylor, founder of Limerick Writers’ Centre hosted the launch.

He said: “It is heartening that we can communicate with one another through using tools like Zoom and Facebook.”

Mike Maguire from Granary Library officially launched the book on Zoom.

He said: “Writing is an act of courage as much as it’s an act of imagination and anyone who has the courage or finds it within themselves deserves huge credit for that.”

Although they could not launch the book in-person, they held it online.

Creative Writing course director Ron Carey said: “I believe the 2020 course was a real success in terms of quality of the writing and the enthusiasm of the participants, of which this anthology is concrete proof.

“Having the course online allowed time to engage with the submissions and respond in kind.”

Limerick Writers’ Centre foster a thriving literary community and they hope to continue to offer courses in the future and provide books in the future.

During the launch, 5 contributors to the book read out snippets of their work.

Three short stories titled; “To Bee or not to Bee,” “Dinner at 7” and “The Book Club.”

3 poems titled “Meadow,” “Margaret I brought Tom home,” and “The sun will come through” were also read.

Limerick Writers’ Centre began their community publishing programme over 10 years ago and ‘Writers Unmasked’ marks their 113th title.

They hope to hold another creative writing course in 2021.

Writers Unmasked is available to buy now.

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