What will Halloween in Limerick look like?

With Halloween approaching this weekend, and level 5 restrictions in place, the youth of Limerick have had to be very creative with what they plan to do on this spooky day.

Since the children aren’t allowed to go knocking from door-to-door in search of treats, I took the time to find out what they’ll be getting up to instead.

With the continuous rise of TikTok during quarantine, a lot of young children have said that they are huge fans of the Halloween content that is posted on there.

“This probably sounds really boring, but I’m going to spend Halloween baking cupcakes that I saw on TikTok and decorate them and film them,” says thirteen-year-old Rawan El-Hassany.

Many of them are going to spend the day with their families, following the fun recipes, scary make-up tutorials and creative decoration how-to’s that they’ve seen on the app.

Lots of children will also be filming TikTok’s of their Halloween antics to share with friends and family.

Some kids want to keep it as traditional as possible this year, even in this “new normal.”

They are planning to play all their favourite Halloween games with their family, such as murder mystery and searching for treats around the house.

Others will not be letting go of the trick-or-treating tradition.

Coronavirus Ireland: Trick or treating 'not a good idea' this Halloween,  says Simon Harris - Dublin Live

“What my family is doing is that we are pretending that each door of my house is a different house and each ‘house’ gives out different sweets” says twelve-year-old Rachel McKenna.

They will be dressing-up and going around, knocking from door-to-door, in their own houses. They’ll have different family members standing behind each door, ready to give them their treats.

Netflix and Disney Plus, which are considered to be staples this Halloween, will also be getting a fair bit of use from children, teenagers and adults alike this year!

“I’ll probably eat a lot of sweets and watch horror movies on Netflix with my family,” says thirteen-year-old Lidia Sopata.

There have been a few new Halloween releases, across the various viewing platforms, that will hopefully help in keeping everyone entertained whilst spending the day in doors.

Although this Halloween seems to be very unconventional, it’s nice to see that the lockdown isn’t stopping the young children from dressing-up and having their fun!

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