Letters from the Editors: An Opening Message From The Limerick Voice Editors 2023/2024

A warm welcome from co-editors – Managing Editor Molly Cantwell and Editor-in-chief Joe Drennan.

Dear Readers,

I’m absolutely delighted to be taking on the role of Managing Editor for the 2023/2024 edition of Limerick Voice! Throughout my time in UL I’ve been so grateful to learn from such amazing industry professionals, alongside blossoming journalists, and this opportunity to lead such a talented team, alongside Joe Drennan, is so exciting.

I will be in charge of planning and managing all the daily/weekly operations of Limerick Voice – online and in print, commissioning and scheduling interviews, developing our editorial calendar, coordinating editorial content, planning the layout and design of the Limerick Voice newspaper, and more! My biggest goal is ensuring we present a cohesive, well planned, and well organised site, paper, podcast, and overall brand – and bringing something new to the table.

Myself and Joe are so excited to be putting forth the mission statement: stories that speak – which highlights our aim to bridge the different communities of Limerick.

As a passionate human rights, politics, and music journalist, I’m excited to put forth breaking news and investigative stories, putting Limerick artists and people at the forefront, and covering news with passion – alongside a fantastic team.

Chat soon,

Molly Cantwell

Dear Readers,

I’m honoured to say that this year I will take on the role of editor-in-chief of the Limerick Voice. Throughout my time at UL, I have been so happy to work with all of the amazing journalists in our course and learn from seasoned industry professionals such as our mentor, Dr. Kathryn Hayes. I’m more than ready to lead the team alongside Managing Editor Molly Cantwell in producing this year’s newspaper and website. 

I will be in charge of leading the editorial direction of the Limerick Voice, planning assignments for writers and overseeing the general content of the site and print edition. Each day the editorial team are coming up with new and dynamic modes of storytelling, soon to be available to our audience on all platforms. 

This year the Limerick Voice will lend its platform to those whose voices often go unheard in mainstream media. From my time at Gay Community News (GCN), I was reminded of the vital need for media organisations to be inclusive and accessible to their audiences. As we report on the news, I also plan to commission stories that will bridge the various communities in Limerick and foster an understanding of the social issues affecting them. 

The mission statement that we have devised for this year’s Limerick Voice is stories that speak. We’re on the hunt for stories that are live, stories with substance that speak for themselves and ones that will be sure to give a voice to those who need it most.

All the best,

Joe Drennan

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