UL Careers Fair 2022: What are employers looking for in soon to be graduates? 

ul careers fair
UL Careers Fair 2022.

With over 180 exhibitors at this year’s Careers Fair, UL’s Cooperative Education and Careers Division have brought both large and small companies to student’s attention

By Ellen Cornelius 

One thing that was made clear by exhibitors was the desire for more personality from graduates applying for graduate programmes or entry level positions.

With companies ranging from Aldi to Pfizer to Enterprise Rent A Car, the UL Careers Fair offered a wide range of career paths for those graduating next summer or for those still in college and thinking ahead. 

The Fair was particularly dominated by the technology and engineering industry with many of these organisations branding themselves as emerging companies in exciting and relatively new industries.

These exhibitors appeared to be recruiting qualified individuals with a similar excitement for the industry, whether it be creating more sustainable practices or revolutionising agricultural processes through technology. 

For those unsure of what to do after college graduation, maybe you want to travel, or you aren’t sure what you studied is the right field for you, there were some particularly interesting initiatives.

For example, the European Commission, which is a particularly interesting prospect for those looking to live outside the Republic. 

Since January 2022 Irish has had full official status as an EU language; this has led to heavy recruiting of graduates with a high level of Irish as positions such as translators, interpreters and linguistics assistants among others need to be filled. 

For those looking for something a bit different the Jameson International Graduate Programme might be for you. 

This exhibitor made clear that this programme was for everyone and anyone who thought they had “Serious Character”. 

With an award-winning graduate programme, one that sends graduates to one of Jameson’s international markets for a year, this is an alternative to post-graduate life that could appeal to many. 

One thing that was made clear by various exhibitors no matter the company size was the desire for more personality from graduates applying for graduate programmes or entry level positions.

Speaking to Clover, a payment network known for its sleek white card machines, it became clear that personability and how an individual fits in to the team is one of the first things employers look for in interviewees. 

Other exhibitors shared this sentiment, citing work ethic and being a team player as often more crucial than qualifications when entering roles that require individuals be open to learning the ways of a company. 

This does not mean your hard-earned degree will be useless when you graduate rather employers seem to be looking for graduates who have developed their passions and had some great experiences while earning that all important degree. 

Find out more about the UL Career’s Fair.

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