For Folk Sake: Songstress Langford discusses upcoming Lime Tree Theatre show

Emma Langford, an artist who deftly and gladly dances across genres, has worked with the Lime Tree Theatre to build “Inclusive, Immersive and Authentic” show on Friday, April 9th.

Aided by a string of Limerick based performers, this will be Langford’s first show in the iconic theatre.

“I’ve never performed on the limetree stage before, so it was a gorgeous phone call to get.”

“The funny thing was the pandemic brought of these opportunities that maybe wouldn’t have come up otherwise.” Emma said.

Off the back of a recent performance on The Tommy Tiernan show, the artist (who also curates the Limerick Lady Podcast) has shown her audience that in the wake of streamed shows she has the aim to present a show which connects them to the screen to bring a full show experience to life.

“I thought, you know what, the Limetree is a gorgeous auditorium. Let’s celebrate that and try and create that same sort of energy. So we’ve got four singers out in the auditorium for this show, which is really lovely.”

This is just one of the many ways the folk singer has attempted to bring the audience closer to the performer but she said the show was also curated to allow for communication through the band.

“The Lime Tree stage is very big, so there’s lots of room to play with. We’re all positioned in a big circle. So we’re not, we’re not crowding in on each other.

“And we can all hear each other and see each other.”

The Trouble With Trebles: A cello waiting to be used. Photos via Eilís Walsh

For the singer however, just the opportunity to be on stage with other like-minded musicians was something to look forward to in itself.

“A big part of it is just sharing a space with other musicians. Because, you know, with all the technical advances and all the zoom calls, and all of the way we as a society have adapted to this new virtual life, nothing replaces being in a space with other musicians.” Emma stated.

The singer, who is celebrated for trad and folk genres in her composition, mixed with touches of jazz and pop has also included a line up which includes more than her usual band.

“I had a thought that it would be lovely to involve some of my wider community. So I contacted a few singers around Limerick, who, whose work I love, and I asked if they would join us”

It is through this that we can see the sincerity in the shows name “Emma Langford and Friends” is set to be one such performance which moves beyond any livestream which this singer has shown us before.

Asked about advice for young artists in these tough times Emma suggested;

“It is about just putting yourself out there and connecting with people and building your community any way you can.”

“And when this all does blow over that community will still be there for you. So hold on to them and appreciate them.”

With a full complement of musicians and vocalists, Langford takes to the Lime Tree Theatre stage on April 9th 2021 to present a specially curated selection of her self-penned creations and renditions of popular favourites.

You can purchase tickets for the show here.

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