In Photos: Swiftogeddon takes Limerick as Taylor fans descend on Dolan’s

Hands in the shape of a love heart frame the Swiftogeddon DJ as she plays
The sold out event wowed fans at Dolan's

Limerick Swifties had an enchanted night at Dolan’s this weekend for Swiftogeddon.

The sold-out event saw the Swifties of Shannonside gather for a night Taylor-made for them in Dolan’s.

The Swiftogeddon team have created a night run by fans, for the fans with non-stop Taylor Swift hits and fan favourites.

Dolan’s provided the perfect atmosphere for Swifties to shake it off and leave no blank spaces on the dance floor.

The impact of the Taylor-themed event has been felt both far and wide taking place in national and international venues, now making its way on to the limerick night scene.

One Swifty told Limerick Voice: “I lost the Ticketmaster war, so between this and the Era’s tour movie, this is the closest I’m going to get to a Taylor Swift concert, but I’m not complaining!”

Another fan said: “I’ve never felt so safe at a club, the sense of community among the Swifties is unparalleled.” The environment that Swiftogeddon creates allows Taylor fans to enjoy their night fearlessly.

The safe atmosphere provided by the event was apparent when one fan collapsed on the dance floor, and the issue was immediately brought to the attention of staff, assisted by the DJ who acted Swiftly by cutting off the music to ensure the fan could receive necessary care.

The Swiftogeddon DJ’s reputation proceeded her as the self-styled Cardinal in the ‘Church of Swift’. She proved this in Dolan’s with her devout followers flocking to the venue.

In the upcoming weeks, Swiftogeddon will be hosting numerous events across Ireland and the UK, but don’t blame me if tickets have already sold out, you’re on your own kid.

Here are some photos from the night. Let us know if you spot yourself or your Swifty pals, tag them here!

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