LesSalAmandas folk duo leave few dry eyes at the Record Room

Julie and Colyne of LesSalAmandas performing in the Record Room. Photo by Sadhbh Pearse

The pair’s voices blended together seamlessly, building each other up and exploring higher notes throughout the intimate gig

By Sadhbh Pearse

Last Friday, the Record Room witnessed the beautiful melodies of the LesSalAmandas duo, Julie O’Sullivan and Colyne Laverriere. 

The pair have become known for their moving lyrics, insane harmonies and on-stage banter. Their music has been described as a blend of folk and indie pop with soulful undertones, which rings true in all their songs. 

The venue was lit in its usual sultry red lighting, with tea lights on each table adding to the intimate atmosphere. The small stage was adored with a drum kit, guitars and double bass, microphones and amps at the ready. 

Dylan Howe aka Hant music. Photo by Sadhbh Pearse.

Before the evening’s main entertainment, warm-up act Dylan Howe (aka ‘Hant Music’) took to the stage and got comfortable while attendees were chatting away. Dylan’s first song was “This is as Far as We Go”, performed on electric guitar. He admits throughout his set that most of his songs are played on the piano, converting them in his head as he performed – displaying immense talent. Dylan showed off great guitar skills and vocal range during his set.

In the process of self-recording a batch of new music, these tracks made up most of his set. He finished up with a tribute to LesSalAmandas member Julie, who recently lost her mother. The musician said he experienced the same loss a few months ago and wanted to show some empathy through his music. 

After a quick break, Dylan returned to the stage with a drummer and bassist. Colyne and Julie also got up on stage, welcomed by applause and cheers. Julie was sporting a plaid shirt with jeans and boots, and Colyne a corduroy shirt-jacket, cuffed jeans and well-worn converse. She noted that it was her first time in Limerick, having stayed mostly in Cork since she moved from France. 

As the girls played their song “Now is the Time”, a wave of euphoria passed through the room as their voices blended together seamlessly, building each other up and exploring higher notes throughout. 

In between songs, their quick banter kept the crowd laughing; whether it was Colyne making fun of on-stage mistakes or Julie remarking that the songs were getting sadder, saying: “Don’t be afraid to shed a tear or two..but we’ll pick it up at the end!”

Julie’s sisters then came on stage to perform “Mary’s Got Issues,” which only added more depth and richness to the set. 

Colyne during her performance in the Limerick venue. Photo by Sadhbh Pearse.

Julie and Colyne have been writing together for years. Every time she spoke to the audience, Colyne’s accent echoed throughout the venue, confirming the well-argued point that the French have the best accents!

From La Drôme, near the French Alps, she joined the school choir at age four and hasn’t stopped singing since. Julie, on the other hand, dabbled with various instruments from a young age but only got serious about writing when she embarked on a music course. 

The girls’ banter was ‘on point’ the entire night. When Colyne introduced the song Plastic Barbies, written while angry at men, she joked “Don’t  take it too personally…but do a little..and do better!”

Eventually, but all too soon, the girls announced their final song, which was followed by a loud “Awww!” from a crowd who had never wanted the night to end. 

They performed the title song of their newest album “There’s a Sea Between Us” to thunderous applause and left just a few dry eyes afterwards. As an encore, they played “Gold”, of which the music video was eleased in May.

LesSalAmandas have more gigs lined up soon at venues in Galway City and Dingle.

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