MicDrop Comedy Club brings laughter to The Record Room

MicDrop Comedy Club
Danny Ryan Performing with MicDrop Comedy Club. All photos by Sadhbh Pearse.

A diverse bunch of comics descended on The Record Room for the sold out show on Saturday night

By Sadhbh Pearse

On Saturday, February 11, locals looking for a laugh filed into the intimate setting of The Record Room, the stage lit in its signature red lighting for the MicDrop Comedy Club event. The simplicity of just a stool and microphone was a contrast to the usual tightly packed space set up for a music gig. 

Once everyone got their drinks and found their seats, the MC of the night, Brian McCormack, took to the stage, a culmination of long red hair and snappy jokes. 

Brian McCormack, MC for the event.

Brian warmed the crowd up with his own short set, mostly jokes and funny anecdotes about his partner. He then welcomed the first act to the stage, Limerick man Kevin O’Connor, who sported a grey ‘Yurt’ sweatshirt and kept his long hair back in a bun. 

Kevin received a warm welcome on stage, especially from friends and family who made sure they were front and centre to support and, of course, heckle him just a little. Kevin’s set was based on a wild night out with a former boss which led to a comical arrest where he found himself proclaiming, “You don’t run from the guards – unless you’re from Limerick!”

The MC then welcomed Cian Jordan to the stage, who asked the crowd if they were ready as he readjusted the microphone. He then yelled “ALL HAIL THE GOAT KING!”, shocking attendees, before adding, “…I thought ye said ye were ready!”

MicDrop Comedy Club
Becky Cheatle performing in The Record Room.

After Cian wrapped his set, Padraig Ormstay took to the stage, his humour more on the monosyllabic and dry side compared to other performers.

After a quick break, MC Brian McCormack reappeared and announced It was time for the only female comedian of the night; Becky Cheatle.

Becky’s set was primarily about her transition into womanhood and her journey from being a male comedian to a female comedian. She jumped straight into a lighthearted set, professing, “I thought there should be more diversity in comedy, so I decided to do it myself!”

The next act of the night, award-winning comedian Shawn Uyosa, was extremely engaging. His performance was based around the differences between being raised in Ireland and Nigeria. Attendees were in fits of laughter at his material and audibly sad to see him finish his set.

The final act of the night was popular Limerick-born comedian Danny Ryan, who joked, “The last time I performed in Limerick, I got COVID – so tonight is like a revenge night!”

Shawn Uyosa performing in The Record Room.

The crowd laughed constantly throughout Danny’s set as he made jokes about Irish culture. One in particular landed very well; he described the feeling of getting out of a bath and in to a warm towel, thinking to himself, “The only way this moment could be any better would be if I’d achieved any of my life goals.”

After a few more running jokes, the MC took the stage again to close out the night. The crowd gave a wild applause before the night’s performers began to mingle with the guests.

Even after leaving the venue, booming laughter could be heard from attendies and comedians alike.  

Find out more about MicDrop Comedy Club.

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