Movie Review: ‘The Magnificent Seven’, Die Hard meets the Wild West

By Daniel Keating

Director Antonie Fuqua’s latest movie ‘The Magnificent Seven’ is a remake of the 1960’s classic.

It holds all the components of a Fuqua movie while still managing to keep its classic elements of a western.

Fuqua holds the storyline of the movie very close to his heart and there is care and attention to detail wrapped up in this film.

In order for this movie to be successful, Antoine Fuqua had the tough challenge of directing this story in the 21st century, which, if not done correctly, could be detrimental to the original movie.

Fuqua wanted to get the point across that we are to this day still dealing with people terrorising our streets and destroying our infrastructure.

The intention of the director is for the movie to probe deeper questions in the audience’s mind and develop some possible solutions to this issue.

There is a sense of community from all different racial backgrounds in this movie. This community comes together to defeat evil and sends a message to the audience which Fuqua was trying to achieve.

Its casts a stellar and diverse line up including Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawk.

Denzel Washington portrays his character as a Bruce Willis in this movie.  As the movie begins, the scene focuses on a small village which is under threat by a goldmine thief played by Peter Sarsgaard.

He is surrounded by a large army of men who cause havoc in the village. The citizens of the village are given a number of weeks to sell and leave their home, or the army will return. This results in one brave citizen looking for help from an unlikely source.

Fuqua certainly brought the movie to life in the 21st century, as it was action based, jam-packed with explosions and shootouts, that of similarity to ‘Die Hard’.

There was, however, some unrealistic scenes in the movie which brings to question the authenticity of the story.

Action continues throughout and right to the end of movie where there is a one on one encounter between characters.

The credits role to the original theme tune conducted by Elmer Bernstein for the movie.

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