Moxie make their return to Limerick

For the Moxie lads, the last three years have been a whirlwind.

From a gig in Trafalgar Square attended by the Mayor of London, to playing around Europe and Australia and performing in the Hanoi Opera House in Vietnam for President Michael D. Higgins and the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, they have kept anything but quiet.

The band have just released their latest single Eyes on Pluto and next Thursday the 9th of November they will be dropping into Dolan’s Warehouse for a gig.

“There’s nothing like playing to a home crowd – especially coming from the country and moving up to Dublin, it’s always a blast,” said Moxie member Jos Kelly.

Moxie members Jos Kelly, Ted Kelly, Cillian Doheny, Darren Roche and Josh Sampson

Moxie members Jos Kelly, Ted Kelly, Cillian Doheny, Darren Roche and Josh Sampson

The band are no newcomers to gigs in Limerick, having played in Dolan’s in previous years.

According to Kelly, the first time they played in the venue three years ago, there was so much screaming from the crowd that the band found it difficult to hear even each other.

“So lads and lassies, keep the excitement until the end of the tune, for the love ‘a Jaysus,” he said.

Jos, Ted, Cillian, Darren and Josh make up the five piece band who hail from Limerick and Sligo. The band are a testament to the genre of Irish Traditional Music, classing their own music as ‘Neo-Irish’.

Moxie believe that traditional Irish music is in no way a dying art form.

“Irish trad music is evolving like everything else in the world and we think it’s quite natural for musicians like ourselves to delve into fusing other genres of music with the traditional Irish theme,” said the accordion and keyboard player Kelly.

The lads draw inspiration for their music from the world around them, but also from various other musicians.



One of the band members would often be playing music and will be told by another member that the music they are playing is derived from a particular artist, according to Kelly.

“And that’s perfectly okay, because all creativity stems from a certain aspect of life,” he said.

With the booming success the band has experienced, they have spent little time out of each other’s company.

Kelly explains that the time hasn’t been without its ups and downs and that the band have a tendency to play with each other’s emotional ‘Richter Scale’ – all in good humour of course.

“The amount of squabbling has deteriorated considerably as we’ve gotten older and spent more time together but were still picking fights for the sake of it, sometimes just to entertain ourselves on a monotonous day,” he said.

When the lads do get time to themselves, they relax through an amalgamation of various activities which include yoga, football, Frisbee-ing and juggling.

When they are together in their down time, they listen to music, cook up ‘storms’ in the kitchen and go out to support other live music, according to Kelly.

Moxie are gigging around Ireland until the end of November before taking a break for the Christmas period so they can gear up for 2018.

“Recording is top of the priority for the New Year but we’ll also be touring around Europe and Ireland and have a couple of projects in the pipeline,” said Kelly.

Make sure to get your tickets for the Moxie gig on Thursday 9th November in Dolan’s Warehouse at www.dolans.ie



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