WATCH: Groundhog Day meets gore in Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day

Picture this, you are forced to relive the day you get murdered over and over again until you uncover who is trying to kill you.

Appealing right? But wait, it also happens to be your birthday. Oh, and you’re severely hungover.

Well this is exactly what college student Tree Gelbman had to endure as she repetitively relived September 18 throughout the duration of the film, Happy Death Day.

Limerick Voice sent our reporter Louise Kennedy along to view the film, and ultimately see the reaction from the people of Limerick.

Happy Death Day is Blumhouse Productions latest creation and it is nothing short of 96 minutes of romance, comedy, horror and action in this trashy teen comedy.

The film starts with Tree, played by Jessica Rothe waking up late for her first lecture of the day in the unfamiliar college dorm room of Carter Davis, who is played by Israel Broussard, a situation the majority of us can relate to.

Tree, a sorority sister in the midst of her drunken confusion, stumbles back to her college house ignoring her fellow housemates enthusiasm for her birthday and rushing to class.

Later that night, Tree was on the way to her own surprise birthday party and was greeted by a tall character dressed in black wearing the strangely creepy mask of the campus mascot.

She consequently gets murdered and minutes later is woken up in Carter Davis’s dorm room once again by the ringing of her phone.

Happy Death Day

Pictured above in the masked killer in Happy Death Day

Unnerved, she makes her way back to the sorority house thinking she is just tired and hungover. It is not until she is murdered that night and wakes up the next morning in the now somewhat familiar dorm room of Carter Davis that she realizes she is in a time loop.

Upset and panicking, she confides in Carter who thinks she is crazy at first but ultimately advises her to take advantage of the unlimited amount of lives she seems to have been given to find her killer.

Tree makes a plan to do just that and each day sees a new plan she has to trace each one of those on her ‘suspect list’ with the help of Carter.

In a twist of fate, this film see’s Tree as both the victim and the savior in this reinvented slasher film.

It’s not difficult to see Happy Death Day being a hit with teenagers, who are young enough to have little connection to Groundhog Day, but just old enough to think watching hot people repeatedly die is a good way to spend an hour and a half.

Happy Death Day

Pictured above is Tree and her masked killer.

Unlike other horror genre films, there isn’t multiple killers but the same individual throughout, which makes the ‘who done it’ curiosity at an all-time high and allows the audience to fully immerse themselves in the plot.

All in all, Happy Death Day is a horror the first of its kind and you can’t help but admit the plot is nothing short of inventive and will start a trend of comedy horrors just like this for the future.

Outside the cinema screen there was mixed reactions on the movie as a whole.

Christina Hayes, a Nursing student in the University of Limerick, described how she found the film, “extremely enjoyable and everything she had hoped it would be”.

She added how the “ending was nothing sheer of brilliant”.

Sandra Kirby, a native of Monaleen, expressed her sadness regarding the film and said how she “thought it would be a horror that would keep me awake all night not Scream remake”.

To watch the official trailer of Happy Death Day click here.

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