The Stormy Teacup turns two


The Stormy Teacup turns two this November, and it’s come a long way since being taken over by Adam Reeves and Laura Duff when it closed in August 2015.

Limerick Voice reporter Michaela Deane spoke to Adam, who dropped out of college aged 18 to take over the coffee shop regarding the shop’s recent growing success as a music venue.

When asked what made him decide to take over a failed business, he said that he knew he’d be able to do something cool with it.

“It was something that Limerick needed and that I wanted to do. I always wanted to work for myself, and I was in college pretty young so I said f**k it, I’d give it a shot. Being in college young meant I could always go back. ”

Although they’d always had gigs played in The Stormy Teacup, this summer the venue underwent a few changes to make it a more suitable music venue, including increasing floor and stage space and upgrading all of their sound gear.

Adam says this has made the set up much better for both artists and fans, “It’s now one of the coolest venues in the country for gigs. There’s not many places around like it.”

While the café has always been hugely popular, Adam adds that there are definitely new people coming in since they’ve started to run bigger gigs.

He says that it’s impossible for them to nail down a target market for their customers, as they get such a huge mixture of people.

The café has a simple formula.

“Great products in a cool place with cool people. Everyone is attracted by that.”

Adam and Laura have also recently started up their promotions and event management company. In the short few months it’s been up and running, it has expanded to include 061 Talent and 061 Records, a talent management agency and record label.

With so much happening in just two years, Adam is proud of how far The Stormy Teacup has come and they have some really big plans ahead for the New Year.

Stormy’s second birthday bash will take place at 8pm on November 16, with acts such as Tigwara, Dylan Flynn, The Kennels and KODU playing. Tickets can be bought online.

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