‘This is Stuart’ podcast by Stuart Mackey is out now 

Stuart Mackey's new podcast is out now

The podcast, created by TikToker Stuart Mackey, will focus on interpersonal development and wellness 

By Ann Mc Donald 

TikTok star Stuart Mackey is delighted to announce that episode one of his new podcast, ‘This Is Stuart’, is available to listen to now on streaming platforms. 

His podcast will be centred around interpersonal development and wellness, along with elements of comedy, similar to his content found on TikTok.  

“The podcast has been on the cards for a while, I just never felt confident enough in myself to pursue it,” he explained.  

“I’ve been very transparent online with my own trials and triumphs in life, and people resonate with that, they feel seen. So, we said let’s bring something to the table and see where it goes because you never know, me waffling might be able to give someone some value.”  

He noted that the process of creating the podcast filled him with a mixture of emotions such as excitement and anxiety, as he hopes that his podcast will be a worthy addition to people’s days. 

“I am truly humbled by the amount of people who have already commented. I honestly never reached out to be a part of this community based around interpersonal development, wellness, and positive mental health,so it is a joy to be a part of,” Stuart said.

Limerick TikTok star Stuart Mackey.

The TikTok star grew up in Limerick and has a passion for performance, with a background in theatre and film along with multimedia design. 

He began creating content on social media during the pandemic and used it as a form of distraction and creative expression to make entertaining videos in the short form format.  

“It kind of steamrolled from doing all these trends to creating and producing a couple of more original pieces,” he explained.  

“Along with that, I just started talking and expressing my hopes, my fears, and my insecurities. I was trying to overcome them, and I never expected so many people to resonate with what I was saying.” 

From his follower count of over 1 million on TikTok, it’s clear that these videos are well received, but Stuart also notes that “not everyone resonates with my videos, and that’s ok. One of the biggest life lessons we can learn is that not everyone is going to like you.  

“I’m just a goofy Irish guy on the internet trying to make someone smile or make their day a little brighter. I feel like I’ve won the day if I do that.” 

“Do you know that line, “You couldn’t make this up”? That’s what it feels like half the time. The other half, I try and just write my own pieces to see how they are received. I love how social media can almost become someone’s portfolio and a testing ground for the work they are trying to create,” he said.  

Stuart hopes that through his podcast, people can understand their own value and understand that they deserve to be happy, and that they are not alone.  

Find out more about ‘This is Stuart’ on Spotify 

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