Angel Times: Spirituality in the New Age

Spirituality is a broad concept that connects many individuals in different ways. It is described as a continuous search for finding something bigger than ourselves; the ultimate “goal” is often enlightenment and finding one’s soul purpose.

Although spirituality is very personal and can be expressed in the church, through one’s own self, or just believing in a “higher power”-spirituality can also be expressed through divination tools such as tarot cards, pendulums, crystals, and even statues.

In today’s day and age millennials as well as the gen z generation has placed a spotlight on these types of spiritual practices, using divination as a tool to look into one’s own future, gain a closer relationship with the universe, as well as gain valuable insight into others lives.

Eager to understand the sudden belief in divination amongst the younger generation, Limerick Voice reporter Ashley Garcia visited Angel Times, a holistic and spiritual shop based in Limerick City, where she spoke to worker Angela Wilson on the reasons behind this trend.

Angela explained: “Mostly younger individuals from the ages of 13-25 love coming to our store, and usually gravitate towards the tarot decks and crystals. With the rise of spirituality being discussed through popular apps such as tik tok as well as YouTube.

“Divination has really become un “demonized”, in the past tarot cards were seen as “evil” or witchcraft, and still is within certain religious groups.”

“I think a lot of individuals are really intrigued by it, as well as it being really fun to use.”

How do these items work?

Speaking on the topic of tarot cards and how to “activate” the crystals for use, Angela stated “Honestly, there are multiple ways you can use these tools, it really being up to the individual. For tarot cards, I usually set my intention for the question I want to ask, shuffle the cards, and ask the Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides, or whatever you believe in to give you the correct answer, and then lay out the cards and read what is in front of you.”

“It takes some practice to memorize and fully understand what all of the meanings of the cards are, but once you get the hang of it it becomes super easy and you can also start reading for others in no time.”

Each crystal can be purchased with a different intention, making it the perfect gift for guidance and support depending on what area of your life may need it.

“As for crystals, every crystal has a different property, for example, rose quartz being the stone for romance and self-love. An individual can either look up beforehand what area in their life they need help with and see if there is a crystal that can help, but also you can pick by intuition,” Angela added.

However, Angela is quick to reassure that a lot of the magic of these items requires trust and belief in the process in order for them to work.

“In order to “activate” it, it’s honestly about your intention and believing it can work. If you think it is just another rock and won’t do anything, then it won’t,” she said.

Whether one is skeptical or believes in these spiritual practices, they have long been practiced for generations all over the world and hold great importance in many communities.

Social media has made these practices more mainstream, spreading these ideologies far wider to communities all over the world, with many finding comfort and reassurance in these beliefs.

One can call into Angel Times, which is located in Number 26, Thomas Street, Limerick for a browse or shop online at https://angeltimes.ie

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