Be Kind Apparel brings positive messaging brand to Limerick’s Wickham Way

The Cork-based, family-run clothing business will feature in the much-loved Wickham Way market on Saturday, February 24.

If you’re out and about in Limerick this weekend – you’re in luck! Be Kind Apparel – a clothing brand with a difference – bring their premium, organic products that are ethically and sustainably sourced to Wickham Way.

The clothing brand is determined to spread their message, “Be Kind”, across the country – and beyond! The family run business take active measures to invest in initiatives that will help spread their message and are committed to bringing about a positive impact in communities across the country.

Gregg Frost, alongside his brother Eric, and sister-in-law Aga (a University of Limerick alumni), began the brand during the pandemic, moved by the kindness they saw people sharing with each other.

Aga in Be Kind Apparel

“At the time, Eric and I were watching the news in the middle of another lockdown and were moved by what we saw,” Gregg told Limerick Voice. “As a society we were being really kind to one another. We were actively looking out for those who were the most vulnerable in our communities. We saw people delivering groceries to the elderly, calling to their neighbours – just to make sure they were okay and not too lonely.

“As horrible and as tragic as Covid was, it brought out the best in us. We smiled at one another, we acknowledged one another’s shared experience, we pulled together, we applauded healthcare workers, thanked supermarket staff, and we did what we could to keep others safe. Basically we were kind to one another.

Eric in Be Kind Apparel

“Eric and I thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could bottle that feeling and somehow encourage people to be kinder to one another long after Covid had passed.’ Kindness provides hope, a sense of connection, a feeling of belonging. We thought it would be awesome if people wore a brand that highlighted the kindness and decency that exists all around us. And that was when Be Kind Apparel was born.”

Gregg went on to explain how the trio aren’t trying to start a movement or completely change the world – they just want to encourage the small acts of kindness which make a real difference in people’s days.

Frost explained: “Even without Covid we all have difficult lives. We all suffer from loss and have doubts, we all have regrets and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t suffer in some way with their mental health. Be Kind apparel could be for everyone.

“Our basic thought was simple things – we’re not trying to change the world or start a movement. We just thought; you’re late for work one morning and the boss doesn’t give out to you; you’re at a junction and someone lets you out; you’re in a supermarket buying three or four items and the person ahead lets you through… These are simple, basic acts of kindness and they cost us nothing, but to the person on the receiving end, it can mean a great deal.

“That little interaction with another person, that moment of kindness, of acknowledgement, it can be the difference between having a positive outlook in life and a negative one.”

Gregg continues: “But even more than that, the world we live in these days can be a scary place. You never know what’s really going on in someone’s mind… they might be smiling to your face but crying inside. That’s why we always say ‘moments of kindness create meaningful connections’, and that moment of kindness might make all the difference for someone who’s struggling.”

As well as sending out a positive message through their brand, Gregg, Eric, and Aga are constantly looking for ways to give back to the community. Within the last two years the company have donated to the Simon Community, Barnardo’s, Penny Dinners, and a host of other charities. They also donated over 5,000 euro worth of toys to the Society of St Vincent de Paul through their annual Christmas Toy Appeal, and this summer they are planning on teaming up with a local charity to raise funds through a new t-shirt design promoting that charity. 

Be Kind Apparel’s Christmas Toy Appeal

Be Kind Apparel keep their messaging strong through their production.

“We sell premium, organic products that are ethically and sustainably sourced and only work with suppliers that reflect these values,” Gregg stated. “We’ve created a fun brand with a simple message, let’s wear clothing that’s kind to the planet, kind to those who make the product and encourages us all to be kind to one another. When you wear our brand you are not only promoting sustainable and ethical clothing production, but you are also promoting the positive impact of kindness on our collective mental health.”

To find out more about Be Kind Apparel, check out their website and Instagram.

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