Comedian Killian Sundermann visits UL as part of #ThinkLanguages

Killian Sundermann expressed his love for languages and Munster rugby to students at the University of Limerick. 

Irish Comedian Killian Sundermann visited the University of Limerick (UL) on Tuesday, November 28, as part of the #thinklanguages event organised by UL’s School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics.

The event was funded by the Languages Connect initiative, which is part of the national strategy to promote foreign language learning in Ireland.

Killian Sundermann’s videos and sketches are about cultural differences in language. Killian speaks English, Irish, German, and French in “a cúpla focal kind of way,” he said.

Sundermann comes from a bilingual family: “My dad speaks German and that’s one I use every day,” he said. “I think everyone should be learning a language at all times.

“My brothers and my sister are really, really good at languages, and I see them do that and I’m very jealous.” 

The comedian spoke of his love for gigging in the iconic Limerick venue, Dolan’s. “Myself and Michael Fry have done gigs in Dolans,” Killian explained. “It’s a very good bar, very cool place every time I go there, they take great care of me.”

Killian then told the story of how a broken timing belt on his father’s van sparked his fondness for Munster rugby. 

“On the way to Ennis the timing belt in my dad’s van broke and we had to spend a day in Limerick waiting for it to get fixed,” the comedian recalled.

After traveling around Limerick for the day, Killian noticed something particular about the Munster Rugby fans: “I’m from Dublin, and the rugby there, well there’s only a certain type of people that play rugby in Dublin and Leinster and it’s very obvious. It’s people of a certain class.

“However, in Limerick we noticed all of the Munster jerseys and said, ‘this is the sport of the town, this is a sport everyone likes.’ I thought ‘that’s pretty cool’ and even though I’m from Leinster I think Munster are a bit cooler,” Killian confessed. 

You can check out Killian’s new podcast ‘Young Hot Guys,’ which Tommy Bowe recently called “pretty young boys.” The podcast features comedians Tony Cantwell and Shane Daniel Byrne.

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