Holistic Treatments: The Way of the Future?

Last week, new information about Crohn’s Disease in patients came to light after a study conducted in the University of Limerick.

A press release given by UL stated that this condition may not be inflammation of the bowel but rather a “fatty intestine condition”.

According to the Mayo Clinic, as of now, there is no direct cure for Crohn’s disease, there are only goals to “improve long-term prognosis by limiting complications”.

In general practice, after diagnosis, treatment is introduced by healthcare professionals to “induce remission”, says ISCC, better known as the Irish Society for Crohn’s & Colitis Disease.

Alternative Medicine:

Due to this, in recent years, many holistic therapies have become popular as alternative medicines.

According to Wellbeing. ie, a directory of holistic practices across Ireland, these treatments are “effective and scientific systems of healing which assist the natural tendency of the body to heal itself.”

Many popular holistic treatments include acupuncture, aromatherapy, and reiki.

Holistic clinic owner Leslie Salazar spoke with I Love Limerick about the benefits of these natural therapies.

She said that holistic therapies help your body to “regain balance and combat the symptoms that you present with”.

Speaking with a holistic trainee who specialises in Reiki, she believes holistic therapies are becoming more popular and is becoming “widely spoken about” with further “openness to an alternative [treatment]”.

Reiki is a holistic therapy wherein practitioners place their hands above different areas of the body to focus on sensing energy blocks and moving the energy to help the flow of the client’s energy.

With regards to holistic treatments, the reiki trainee explained that it is a recognised treatment for “stress, anxiety and headaches” hosted in environments that are “understanding, confidential and non-judgemental” as there is no physical contact involved to undertake the practice.

She explains what the treatment entails, saying it is “the one treatment that you remain fully clothed” and it “can be carried out without any physical contact”.

She adds that many clients find the feeling after treatment can last for “weeks” and they experience themselves “talking in detail about personal issues” with their reiki master due to the non-judgemental environment.

She believes that while holistic treatments are not always the only treatment a patient should receive for an ailment, she said that “[prescription] medication is helpful for maintenance of an issue […] supported with [regular] holistic treatment”.

Her advice to any new clients who may be unsure about holistic treatments is to “try it before ruling it out”.

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