‘It’s a dream come true’ Limerick’s newest coffee shop owners are on Klaud9

Klaud9 owners Klaudia Chciuk and Ysabel Nelson (Photo credit Ann McDonald)

Klaudia Chciuk and Ysabel Nelson opened Limerick’s newest coffee shop on Friday, October 28

By Ann McDonald

As of Friday, October 29, 25 Thomas Street is the official home of Limerick’s newest coffee shop, Klaud9.

Klaud9 is the creation of friends and coworkers, Klaudia Chciuk and Ysabel Nelson, who have a combined experience of 14 years in coffee.

Klaudia has dreamed of opening a coffee shop since she was 19, and is delighted that she has finally been able to make her dream come true.

“Klaud9 is a nickname from my old job, my friend there called a drink of the month Klaud9, so when we decided to open the shop, we decided on Klaud9,” Klaudia explained.

The pair had previously worked together, and circumstances led to them being able to open the coffee shop.

“Klaudia had left, and I wanted a new job, but there was nowhere else in Limerick I wanted to work, so we just decided that now is the time,” Ysabel explained.

(L-R) Klaudia, Ysabel with artists ohhi_ohno and Sinead Nix outside 25 Thomas Street.

Almost all the furniture and coffee cups in the coffee shop are second-hand from charity shops, and Klaud9 prides itself on supporting local by providing treats from Limerick’s Braw and Angel Dust Pastry, as well as selling art by local artists to help support them. Examples of this can be seen all around Klaud9 through the amazing artwork by artists ohhi_ohno on Instagram and Sinead Nix can be seen around Klaud9.

Speaking about the atmosphere in the coffee shop, Ysabel explained that they wanted Klaud9 to be a place that they themselves would want to go to.

“If you come in here, we have plug sockets and WiFi. Usually, you can only go to chain coffee shops to do work, so we wanted to make a cozy area for people to come in and work and be creative,” Klaudia said.

While only drinks will be made at Klaud9, treats from Limerick’s Braw and Angel Dust will also be available.

The coffee beans used at Klaud9 are sourced from Ariosa, from Co. Meath, and they are the only coffee shop in Limerick that uses them.

“There’s nice coffee in Limerick, but that’s our favorite coffee,” Ysabel said.

Klaud9 also prides itself on being dog-friendly, having an aptly named ‘K9 corner’ in the shop.

Klaudia would advise those considering opening their own business to, “save first, and don’t rush opening, because it’s stressful! It’s stressful, but I would do it all over again!”

Klaudia and Ysabel are excited to continue working on the shop and seeing where it goes, focusing on perfecting their craft.

Klaud9 is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays.

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