Limerick fitness guru Leanne Moore discusses dealing with Covid, finding motivation, and her online subscription ‘Lift by Leanne’

“I wanted to make people move, lift their spirits, make them laugh, give them a focus.”

These are the words of gym owner Leanne Moore as she started doing free live workouts via Instagram three days a week last March, as an alternative to dealing with gym closures.

After starting in the first week of lockdown, she continued to do this for almost four months.

Leanne started Life By Leanne during the first lockdown. Photo via: Go Gym.

“I remember sitting in a café with my husband and business partner Dave, and we had just heard that the lockdown was to happen. We have gyms so we wanted to find a way of helping all our members,” Leanne said.

One year on from when Covid first hit, and the Limerick woman is still doing free classes weekly, as well as managing her own online fitness subscription ‘Lift by Leanne’.

After seeing the success of her weekly live Instagram classes, with almost 800 people joining in, she gathered the confidence to “try it.”

“Honestly it was not in the plan! I stopped doing the live workouts when the gyms re-opened on June 29th but I would get messages daily asking me if I would consider doing them again as part of a subscription.”

“I was worried it wouldn’t work. But after chatting to family and friends and knowing how much joy teaching classes brings me – I decided to try it. You’ve got to try things” she added.

Leanne represented Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. Photo by: Leanne Moore.

When the subscription was first launched, there were only three classes a week and one instructor: Leanne.

Fast forward five months and there are now 13 classes a week, five instructors, as well as recipes, nutrition guides, webinars, and meditation sessions.

“I love growing the concept and I adore all the women and men who join in each day. It’s so much fun. I think it’s nice to be able to use what you do and give a little.”

The first thought of the subscription over two years ago, after she wrote the words ‘Lift by Leanne’ on her phone and made it her screensaver. 

While she didn’t know the “ins and outs of it all” at the time, she says that after Covid hit, she wanted to create a community that positively impacts people’s mental health, as well as physical health.

Leanne believes allocating a time in the day for exercising can help people get in to a routine. Photo By: Dermot Culhane.

“It’s a single thing we can all add daily or weekly to help give us a boost. It’s a fantastic thing to have such a positive job. I love helping people feel good,” Leanne says.

Leanne also decided to start holding challenges as part of her subscription, as a way to motivate members who might find it difficult exercising at home.

For those who find it hard to take the first steps with working out, Leanne stresses the importance of having your own workout space at home. She also says allocating a time in the day to exercise is a great way to make it a habit.

“Commit to a small goal. Maybe a step goal for a few weeks or maybe 1-2 classes a week for a few weeks. But start small. If it becomes too daunting or taxing, you will be more inclined not to continue.”

While gyms may be opening in the next few months, Leanne is dedicated to realising her subscription’s full potential and helping people transition out of lockdown.

“I just want to see where this LIFT journey can go. I want to develop a strong wellness community and help to make fitness and wellbeing and feeling good a part of people’s lives.”

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