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History blog “Limericks Life” has been selected as a finalist in two categories of this years Blog Awards, which take place on October 25.

The blog, run by Sharon Slater, is a finalist in the Arts & Culture category, as well as in Science & Education.

Speaking to the Limerick Voice, Sharon describes Limerick’s Life as a historical website that deals with the social history of Limerick.

“I founded it in 2004 when I was doing my MA in History in University of Limerick. I was coming across all this information that had nothing to do with my thesis and I thought that it was better to put it up online so that other people could read it and enjoy it, instead of it hiding away in my attic for years” she said.

The blogger says that although there’s always been a positive response to the website, her readership has definitely changed over the years.

“Initially for the first 10 years or so it was mostly people who were living outside of Ireland who were interested in it; they were interested in finding out about their family history, such as their ancestors from Limerick so I always have a lot of messages from people in Canada, and Australia, and America, who try to find out more about Limerick, about the place their family grew up in.

“Then in the last few years there’s been more of a sort of revival of history in Limerick, people are getting interested in it and so now it’s about equal between locals and people from outside of Ireland who actually read it” she continued.

Michael Starrett, Chief Executive of the Heritage Council and Sharon Slater from Limerick winner of the The Heritage Council’s Heritage Hero Award. PHOTO: DYLAN VAUGHAN

Michael Starrett, Chief Executive of the Heritage Council and Sharon Slater from Limerick winner of the The Heritage Council’s Heritage Hero Award.          PHOTO: DYLAN VAUGHAN

Sharon says that she’s delighted to be nominated, which is a difficult feat in itself: “There are a few different sections in it, you get longlisted first, and then you have to go through judges and then there’s the shortlist and then the finalist. So getting through each of those phases is a great honour in itself.”

“People who may never have seen your website before, have never have seen your blog, who are actually taking the time to look at it and to judge it with fresh eyes, and so far they’ve seen that it’s up to standard enough to get through to the finals and hopefully this year I can bring back an award for Limerick.”

Last year Sharon took home the bronze medal at the 2017 Blog Awards, and was also awarded the National Heritage Hero Award from the Heritage Council for the work that she’s done to promote Limerick’s history and bringing its past into the future.

Sharon says that her passion for years has been Limerick’s history, and she has wrote several books on it such as “The Little Book of Limerick”, “A Stitch in Time, a history of Limerick Clothing Factory”, and “A Historical Guide of Limerick City”.

What are The Blog Awards?

The Blog Awards Ireland 2018, also known as the Bloggies, will take place in the Tramline, Dublin on October 25th. This is the 7th Blog Award, with over 2,000 nominations received for both personal and corporate bloggers. This year’s theme is Day of the Dead.


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