Looking for Halloween inspiration? These five Limerick makeup artists are here to help

Limerick is a bevy of talented makeup artists and content creators, however sometimes we’re spoiled for choice and don’t know how to navigate the masses. Here are five Limerick based makeup artists on Instagram, to get all your gory Halloween ideas flowing. If you want to feel inspired then look no further!

1. Emma Costelloe – @EmmaCMakeupX

Emma Costelloe is a freelance makeup artist working out of her home studio based in Norwood Park, Limerick.

“I love getting really creative and doing loads of bright colourful crazy looks with really heavy contour and highlight,” she says.

Emma’s advice for a mind-blowing Halloween look this year is a half-normal-face, half-sugar-skull Halloween look. This is one of the easiest and most efficient Halloween looks in her opinion because it’s mostly shapes you draw on the face, and since one half is your regular makeup you “don’t have to move out of your comfort zone”.

Although Emma says this can be one of the easiest Halloween looks to do, some of the looks she does are definitely not that easy. One aspect of Halloween makeup she finds that isn’t as forgiving is the amount of time involved with creating the looks: “Some looks can take hours especially if its special effects looks that you are doing,” she says.



2. Lynsey Ryan – @Linzxxxx

Lynsey is originally from Nenagh in Co. Tipperary, but is currently working as a MAC artist in Brown Thomas Limerick. With a special talent for creating the perfect client skin base, she isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and loves bold creative looks: “I love to express myself through my work and art,” she says.

For the ultimate Halloween look this year Lynsey recommends a nice smokey eye with a bold red lip – and some fake blood. Something you can pass as either a vampire or a devil.

A great lover of the ‘MAC’ brand, she says can’t get enough of the MAC chromo cakes or acrylic paints and says it’s really easy to love her job as she really believes in the brand.

“Makeup is art and not following a trend and going with your own vision is when you can make beautiful work happen,” she says.


3. Brooklyn Bond – @Brooklynsfx

Brooklyn Bond is a Limerick based freelance makeup artist who does glam makeup as well as special effects for stage, screen and face painting for kids.

When she’s not doing that, she’s working part time as a beauty therapist in Bellissimo Limerick.

You could say her style is a 50/50 split with her favourite looks being glitter cut creases but also hyper realistic gore wounds and makeup.

When doing your own Halloween makeup Brooklyn recommends a clown or a zombie look: “They’re fairly easy to do and always have a creepy vibe so beginners should find them easy and fun.”

When talking about her favourite creations she says that either her pre and post-op Barbie or her creepy clown look are her favourites but she’s also very proud of looks that contain her homemade silicone prosthetics.


4. Laura Halvey – @LauraHalveyMakeupArtist

Laura Halvey has been working in Limerick for eight years, and is co-owner of the popular ‘Hair and Makeup Studio’ on Springfield Centre, Singland Road Limerick.

She loves a full-glam look on both herself and clients and says her favourite type of Halloween look to do on clients is a half and half look: one side of the face in full-glam and the other side of the face in full scare-factor.

Her easy at home Halloween look would be a zombie because it’s one of those things you can’t get wrong. You can use affordable products like fake blood, tissue paper, face paints or liquid latex to create a messy creative zombie. In her opinion there is no guide to doing makeup it’s about being “as messy and creative as you want”.

One piece of advice Laura wants to extend to anyone thinking of doing their own makeup for Halloween is to be realistic in what you plan to do. She says that on Instagram you sometimes see photos with half a can sticking out of your forehead. Her advice is to know what will and won’t work and to make sure any products you buy are from reputable websites and shops.

5. Leah Stundon – @BeautyByLeah_xo

Leah Stundon, is a Limerick native who has a knack for both gore and glam makeup. Based in The Training Room studio on Thomas Street, her favourite look to do on herself is a stripped back one but when it comes to Halloween she loves to pack on the grunge and gore.

“If you want to do your own Halloween makeup look and still want wow factor I’d recommend a pumpkin or skull look. You can get messy and still make it work: the messier the better, if all else fails add glitter that makes everything pop,” she says.

Leah also talks about the importance of putting your personal touch on everything you produce: “The only way you’ll be able to stay true to yourself is if you add your own artistic flair, don’t be frightened to get wild. It will work in your favour (mostly!)”




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