Men’s mental health event sparks open conversation at University of Limerick

The end of November marked the end of men’s mental health month, a period celebrated by the University of Limerick’s Postgraduate Student’s Union.

In a commendable effort to address an often overlooked topic, the University of Limerick Postgraduate Students’ Union (ULPSU) dedicated a special day to focus on men’s mental health.

The initiative aimed to encourage open dialogue and shed light on the importance of discussing mental health issues among men.

Held in the university courtyard during peak lunch hours, the event involved placing a whiteboard for students to share their thoughts on men’s mental health.

The response was overwhelming, with the board quickly filling up with a mix of humorous, thoughtful, and deeply emotional messages. Many students shared personal experiences, creating an atmosphere of openness and empathy.

Professor Gerald Downes interacted with students, emphasising the importance of seeking support.

“You are not alone, and don’t be alone,” Professor Downes commented. “There are services available where you would be heard, and your identity will be kept anonymous.” 

The PSU president, Roger Dsilva, echoed this sentiment and encouraged self-compassion, saying: “Be kind to yourself. Cherish the good days and stay motivated during difficult times.”

The success of the event was evident in the active engagement of students and staff across the campus, applauding the ULPSU team for organizing such a meaningful initiative.

In a time marked by various challenges, the event underscored the crucial need to address men’s mental health openly and encourage individuals to come forward and share their experiences.

The ULPSU men’s mental health event serves as a poignant reminder that fostering an environment of support and understanding is essential in breaking down societal taboos surrounding men’s mental health.

As conversations gain momentum, the hope is that such initiatives will become a catalyst for lasting change, promoting mental well-being for everyone in the community.

Men’s Mental Health Month (MMHM) is an annual campaign each November dedicated to raising awareness about the mental health challenges faced by men. It is crucial in addressing what is an often-overlooked issues and breaking the stigma surrounding it.

This is aimed at creating spaces for discussions and breaking down the barriers that prevent men from seeking help.

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