Self-published Limerick-based author launches new novel – The Hollow

Limerick Voice Reporter, Sara Pelizzoli, speaks to self-published author Angie Togher about her new release The Hollow and writer life.

Twice self-published author, Angie Togher, born and raised in Limerick City, launched her second novel The Hollow in Sixmilebridge, County Clare, where she currently lives. Togher spoke to Limerick Voice about her passion for Limerick City’s culture and history plus writer life as a self-published author.

Angie started her career after retiring and published her first novel Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things in 2021.

“I’ve always been interested in writing since I was a child,” the author recalled. “I loved doing essays at school and I used to enter writing competitions. I also wone one when I was young writing a stroll around Limerick’s places and history. I’ve always been interested in reading as well, which I think most writers are. Then life took over and at some point I thought I would settle down and write something.”

Usually, few people get the chance to make the breakthrough with a publishing house. Even though Togher didn’t have this luck, it was suggested she self-publish her work in collaboration with Limerick Writers’ Centre.

She had the most fulfilling experience: “My husband and son were the ones to organise the printing of my first book. It was sort of a collaboration between us. Even though I obviously had to put my own money to get the printing done, it was a pure joy to see my book come true.”

Angie Togher’s first novel (2021)

Togher’s first novel was a success (500 copies were sold) and the author decided to donate €1,000 to Pieta House, which offers mental health support and operates in 20 locations across Ireland.

Angela said: “We could cover our publishing costs and we thought we would give something back.”

Angie Togher’s new release The Hollow is set in the ’90s between Limerick and Kilkee. It’s about a long-time female relationship between five women in their 30s featuring an unexpected supernatural element.

Angela said: “I wanted to create my age at the time with the age of the girls in the book. The springboard to the story should have been the supernatural element, but then the characters took over and the story changed.”

Angie Togher’s new novel (2022)

Togher partly set the story in her hometown Limerick: “When I wrote my first book, which is partly set in Limerick as well, my nephew constructively criticized my work telling me that I should have mentioned a few more places around the city. So, I tried to do that in the second novel.”

The writer also spoke about her bond with Limerick. “I love the city and the county, is my home,” Togher beamed. “I chose to set my stories there because of this attachment and because the city has a rich culture and history. Also, I like reading books that are set in familiar places, not necessarily even in Ireland.

“I believe there’s something magical about reading a story that’s pure fiction, but it’s recognizable in the settings: a certain pub, park, or street. It’s a story that Limerick’s people can appreciate because they can relate to it. Also, the plot itself is universal, something we all can relate to: I’d like to think that anybody could enjoy it.”

In an exclusive scoop, Togher revealed some details about her next book: “It will probably be set a little bit in Limerick as it would be the easiest way to start the springboard to the story that I’m thinking about. It will probably be set in other places as well.”

Angie Togher’s new release, The Hollow, is available in O’Mahony’s bookshop on O’Connell Street in Limerick City centre and online at The Ennis Bookshop.

Angela would be happy to read some feedback on her new work at angela.togher33@gmail.com.

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