The Covid Stone – and how to get rid of it

I was staring at the reflection of a shop window and was thinking out loud to myself: “look at the size of your one’s behind, she would give the Kardashians a run for their money.”

Then I swiftly walked away, but the massive behind followed me. I quickly broke out into a sprint, but it was still there ogling back at me.

I was struck by the realisation that the huge buttocks belonged to me. I piled on the pounds and gained what was aptly described as the Corona Stone during the lockdown. 

This was my zero hour; my denial of my weight gain was cracked open; the battle of the bulge had begun.

Lockdown became a kind of aberration from real life was not the normal course of events. It was a novelty, and with me not having a routine or structure, the alarm clock was put on silent.

Food took on a new meaning. Going to the supermarket became the highlight of my day.

I filled the cupboards with everything that was laden with sugar.  

Supermarket Sweep: Shopping in the COVID era has seen an increase in “junk food” sales

The garden became a sanctuary for my family gatherings. Regular picnics and take-aways and barbeques became the norm.

Then there was the sibling competition of who baked the best banana bread? I was their willing judge! 

I took a lackadaisical approach to exercise. I plonked myself on the couch in my pyjamas and furry slippers while stuffing my face with chocolate to ease the boredom of lockdown. 

Truth be told, I was lucky I did not gain Corona Stone(s).

These are the 10 hints not to eat your way through the next lockdown.

  1. Snap out of denial, (I blamed the dryer for shrinking my clothes)
  2. Do the boring things you hate, but must do; eat less and move more? There is simply no silver bullet to weight loss.
  3. Everyone much find their own Zero Hour, the moment you decide “I need to stop over-eating” and put a plan of action into place.
  4. Dump the flour in the bin, no more baking banana bread.
  5.  Ignore the voice inside your head that tells you to reward yourself with chocolate every night.
  6.  Find a walking buddy that will not listen to your excuses not to exercise (no one has ever melted with a drop of rain). 
  7.  Do not live in leggings; the weight can creep up and you will not notice it.
  8. Fill the fridge with fruit and prepare healthy meals.
  9. Ban all sweets and takeaways.
  10.  Your body is a temple so you should treat it as such.   
Autumn Running Tips
Keeping a consistent exercise routine is the secret to getting off the Covid Stone

Eating the Corona Stone was great fun, but it is no joke getting the weight off. 

After 50, I have realised my metabolism has slowed to a screeching halt. 

My main goal before Christmas is to get back into my old clothes and I have no intention of putting up a new Corona Stone.

Will I be successful in my endavour?

Stay tuned to the Limerick Voice to find out!

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