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Title card with ‘Limerick Voice Podcast’ in big green letters, to the bottom left in much smaller writing it says ‘The Mouth of The Shannon’. Bold font. Underneath says “Episode 1- Get to Know Us”. With Lauren Beirne, Matthew Hurley, and Conon MacLeod. 

Three new hosts, an exciting new delivery style, and this weeks top stories, all packed into 30 minutes – Limerick Voice Podcast Episode One: ‘Get to Know Us’.  

Hello! You’re hearing from Lauren Beirne – Podcast Editor for the Limerick Voice 2023/2024 – which means lots of responsibility! However, I take great pride in the fact I’ve been entrusted with the role of Limerick Voice’s Podcast Editor, and I’m so incredibly excited for what’s to come. 

From a young age I always knew I wanted to be a presenter of some form, so this feels like a true dream come true. My mum has a hilarious video of me as a four/five-year-old acting as if was presenting the news. The context of what I was doing isn’t important, I was a silly little child doing silly little child things – the content however… well maybe it can be shown in a restricted Limerick Voice Podcast episode!

All my little childhood dreams have brought me here, to writing this little article and bringing you the new series of our podcast.

Before I jump into what to expect from episode one of the Limerick Voice Podcast 2023/2024, let me give you a bit of a taste of what’s to come in the podcast this year.

Your three hosts are planning to do exactly what it says on the tin… or tagline, even. And this year, that tagline is: ‘The Mouth of the Shannon’. The podcast will bring listeners a concise recount of the major news stories of each week in news, sports, and the arts, accompanied by in-depth discussions, welcoming guests to provide you all with further insight.

Alongside the digital site and the print paper, our aim is to highlight and offer a platform to diverse voices, bridging the communities throughout Limerick, and ultimately, providing the Limerick City and County area with the best news service possible.

Episode One

In this week’s episode you’ll meet me, Lauren Beirne, plus Matthew Hurley, Deputy Podcast Editor, and Conon MacLeod, Music/Arts/Culture correspondent.

This week, aside from introducing ourselves, we discussed Budget 2024, Ashling Murphy’s murder trial starting later this month, all things arts and culture – including what’s coming to Limerick music venues this weekend. 

Of course, we couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room as we talked nervously about Ireland v New Zealand and the hoard of Munster fans that will head to Stade de France this weekend.

This is merely skimming the surface of all the goodness to come in this week’s podcast, aptly titled ‘Get to Know Us’. 

Matthew, Conon and I genuinely hope you enjoy the LISTEN, or the WATCH, and we’ll talk to you again same time next week for another helping of the Limerick Voice Podcast.  

Listen on Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/show/54ncd57rLwe6nKbrVGkEEI?si=647ffbb771604ae8

Watch on Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNZCNesdfz8RgLb-K3jU0Iw

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