Your guide to independent coffee shops in Limerick city

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There is no question, that Limerick city centre is packed with a wealth of independent cafés and businesses that are often overlooked in favour of the popular multinational chains.

Local coffee shops are among the many hidden gems the city has to offer, often regarded as Limerick’s prime cultural hubs; where every wall is a local art exhibition, every trinket is handcrafted by Limerick, and every crooked noticeboard is an avant-garde events guide. Not to mention the big smile and friendly conversation that’s always on hand.

Limerick Voice reporter, Lisa Diviney, is a self-proclaimed coffee fanatic and trained barista. Earlier this week, we sent Lisa out to take a look at some of Limerick’s best local independent coffee shops.


Duo is a colourful independent retail and coffee shop located on Denmark Street in the centre of Limerick City. The shop specialises in selling a catalogue of Irish products that focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable living. They also sell a great cup of coffee! The shop floor is unfortunately closed due to recent restrictions, however you can still purchase their products on their website, where they also sell the coffee that served in the shop.

Bakehouse 22

Bakehouse 22 is located in the heart of the Old Limerick Quarter, 22 St Nicholas Street, surrounded by some of Limerick’s breath-taking urban art murals. Well worth the stroll over the Shannon, Bakehouse 22 offers great coffee and a friendly service. Unfortunately, the seated café area is closed due to restrictions, however they continue to serve their customers with a smile. You will walk out of Bakehouse 22 with weight off your shoulders and a steaming cup of coffee in your hand. If you need any more of an incentive to visit, they have reduced the price of all Barista coffee to just €2.50 during Level 5 lockdown.

Abbey River Coffee

Abbey River Coffee is located just over the Shannon, on Bridge Street on the perimeter of the historical Potato Market. This small shop specializes in coffee and is a favourite for locals in Limerick. The shop location offers a stunning view of the Shannon River as well as a great place to meet people with its cosy, sheltered seating area, perfect for the rainy months ahead. Great service and even better coffee, Abbey River Coffee will most definitely satisfy your next caffeine craving.


Rift Coffee is café and wine bar located on Upper Mallow Street. One of the most interesting aspects of this business is that they are a multi-roaster coffee shop, meaning they work with more than one roaster at one time and change their coffee often. This makes each trip all the more exciting, offering a new taste experience every time you visit. Friendly staff and a warm atmosphere add to the ambience of Rift. With quality, taste and sustainability in their business ethos, Rift is definitely one of Limerick’s best coffee shops.


Located on Catherine Street, Canteen has a beautiful outdoor seating area, perfect for those days in the sun. They have a very healthy, locally sourced menu that will have your stomach rumbling at the door. Most importantly they have some of the best coffee in the city. Canteen is definitely a hidden gem in Limerick City and well worth a visit.

Over the last few months, local shops have been put under severe pressure during these changing restrictions. Now more than ever, it is crucial to support your local business to help them stay afloat during this ongoing pandemic.

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