LSAD students dominate Dublin Fashion Festival

From renaissance paintings to Lady Gaga creations, Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD) students dominated Dublin Fashion Festival’s Young Designer of the Year Awards.

Out of 10 finalists, three were LSAD students and graduates.

“Discord”, the collection by 23-year old Limerick native Anna O’Doherty, uses unusual silhouettes that go beyond the shape of the human body.

Her collection was inspired by mental health and how it is effected by a modern fast-paced society.

The collection boasts a contrast of bright pop colours and jet black, which represents the depth of the human mind.

“You draw shapes and pull out from it and I wanted to create a collection that was also in turmoil,” Ms O’Doherty said.

“My main goal was to show that human minds are not just one surface, that’s why the garments are a bit all over the place.”

Photo: LSAD

Ms O’Doherty completed her work experience with Fyodor Golan in London, saying that it was invaluable to see how a design company is run.

“They teach you everything in there. You need experience to know anything about the industry especially when it comes to running a business.”

The 23-year old is saving money to travel to New York to try secure work with a designer over there.

She’s hoping that the experience of watching how other designers work will help her to start her own company in the future.

The “Linear Connection”, by LSAD Graduate Heather O’Connor, was inspired by architectural buildings, which were used to design the shape and cut of the garment.

Photo: LSAD

Ms O’Connor completed her work experience with MCQ by the legendary Alexander McQueen in London who was known for designing outfits for Lady Gaga.

“It was amazing to work with such a big company, I fell in love with London, I knew I wanted to go back straight away if I could,” she explained.

Fashion graduates from LSAD are making a big impression globally according to Ms O’Connor who witnessed this first hand while searching for jobs in London.

“Since finishing college, definitely having Limerick on my CV has been amazing. Even over in London people have heard of Limerick once you say you’re from Ireland and what art college you’ve been to.”

“Mellifua”, is the collection by 23-year old LSAD Graduate Daniela Vasilean, who is originally from Maldova.

Her inspiration for her pieces is drawn from history, with her main inspiration for her collection drawn from the Sandro Boticelli painting “Primavera”.

“I like both renaissance art and architectural drawings but they’re so different. Every single garment in my collection represents each character in the painting and their stories,” explained Ms Vasilean.

Photo: LSAD

Having completed her work experience with Copellia Pique in Paris, the designer said that there was an abundance of inspiration in the city of lights.

“I think just being in Paris was great because there’s so much art and fashion. I think the experience just made me more confident because I had to do a lot of work when I was by myself.”

Currently, the 23-year old is working on her portfolio and is planning a photoshoot of her collection and adding more pieces to it.

She plans to move to Italy and work with a designer there.

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