Over 300 people moved into new homes in Southill

More than 300 residents in Southill have moved into new houses built in the first phase of the Regeneration Plan. For many older people, their standard of living has improved immeasurably.

“The high standard of quality of these new houses is making a real difference in people’s lives which in turn makes our community a better place to live,” said Pam Noonan from the Regeneration committee.

Phase One began in late 2016 and finished in June of this year. The project represents 42 units compromising of a mixed development of up to four-bedroom houses and apartments with a modern urban layout.

Housing and Urban Development Minister Damien English described it as a “milestone” on the road to regeneration during a visit in April.

Theresa Moore (56) who had been living in an old house in Southill moved into her new home in July.

“The new house is completely different from the old one, all of the facilities here are new,” she said.

Ms Moore loves the comfort and size of her new two bedroomed home which she describes as spacious and homely.

Another resident Lian Anna Hayes (51) who had been living in her old house in O’ Malley Park for nearly 36 years is over the moon with her new house and insists she will “never” leave it.

However, she is concerned about a lack of amenities in the area such as shops or playgrounds for children.

“There’s no local shop in the area; local and elderly people must travel for daily conveniences such as milk and bread,” Ms Hayes said.

According to Ms Noonan, although there are concerns about the growing population in the area, future phases of development will ease that pressure: In a few years we will have a thriving community here.”

Nearly all the houses in phase one are occupied.

Phase Two of construction will begin early in 2021 and will provide 38 units in total, Phase Three is still in the planning stages, according to Ms Noonan.

The total budget for the first and second phases is said to be €18.5m.

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