Limerick Voice Team 2019

Niamh is the Digital Editor of the Limerick Voice 2019. She has previously worked on the news desk at Galway Bay fm as a news reporter and news reader as well as writing for UL’s newspaper, An Focal. Niamh's main interests are local news, current affairs, and politics.

Kathleen is the Limerick Voice Business and Agriculture editor. She has previously worked for the, The Kerryman newspaper and has been published in several other national titles including The Irish Times online. She was a nominee in the National Student Media Awards for News/Current Affairs Features Writer of the Year 2019. Kathleen's areas of journalistic interest include reporting on the courts, agriculture, economics and finance.

Siobhan is new to journalism. Her working life up to now has been spent in the public and private sectors in Ireland, France, Libya, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. She is particularly interested in writing about business, the environment, world affairs and travel.

Anthony is the Limerick Voice Deputy Sports Editor. He has previously worked at the Limerick Leader as a news and sport reporter and was also an assistant communications officer at Garryowen FC.

Cathal is the Limerick Voice News Editor/Deputy Editor-In-Chief. He has previously worked with ILoveLimerick and the Limerick Post and has a great knowledge of local news. Cathal loves interviewing people and telling their story.

Kayley has previously worked at the Westmeath Independent as a news reporter and Clare FM as a researcher. She enjoys writing about lifestyle, fashion, music and human interest stories with a passion for feature writing in particular.

Jessica is a multimedia journalist and editor of UL's newspaper, An Focal. She’s interested in current affairs, health and social justice issues and she is passionate about community journalism.

As a reporter Ciara has written for student publications such as and UL's campus news outlet, An Focal. Her main area of interest is health and wellbeing. Predominantly a print journalist, she's mainly focused on news and features.

A true Limerick girl, born and bred here. Lucy has experience working alongside Limerick business people and establishments. She's looking to capture the stories that make Limerick the vibrant place that it is.

Jordan has excellent experience working in social media. She has a strong interest in feature writing and profiling and loves to tell other people's stories. Her welcoming and kind nature means she's easy to open up to - so, if you want Jordan to tell your story, don't hesitate to contact her.

Nicole is the Limerick Voice Editor. She has previously worked as the News Editor of UL’s student newspaper, on the news desk in the Limerick Post and as a music writer for Irish music and culture magazine The Thin Air. Nicole is passionate about social issues and mental health.

From Donegal, to Barcelona, to Limerick, Katie has written her way through it all. She has previously been published on, the Donegal Post and HerCampus. Katie's main interest is in writing features.

Mairéad is the Limerick Voice Podcast editor. She has a passion and flair for broadcast journalism with over three years radio newsroom experience. She also gained first hand experience of podcast production while working at Aileen O’Meara Media. Mairéad hopes to give The Voice its voice and cover stories beyond Limerick city. Her main interests are politics, social activism and rural affairs.

Being from Nenagh, Limerick has always felt like Saoirse's second home. Having spent over 6 months working in Cork City Council and a further 6 months studying in Media City, Manchester, Saoirse has built up a strong list of contacts from key figures. She has a strong and diverse portfolio with published work in local, national, and international news outlets. Saoirse is eager to use the skills she's learned to build the Limerick Voice brand and its online presence.

James has a great passion for all things sport, having previously worked on two radio sports shows in his home county of Offaly. He is hardworking and dedicated to writing the stories that you want to hear.

Caitlín has extensive experience having previously worked as the Online and Digital Editor for UL's campus news outlet, An Focal. She is now the producer of the SPIN South West breakfast show, Fully Charged. Caitlín has a strong passion for broadcast media and pieces that create an intimate connection with the audience.

Sarah has a passion for human interest stories and aspires to be a radio journalist. She has worked in local radio before and loves giving people the opportunity to tell their story. Sarah's mainly interested in writing features.

Jason specialises in opinion pieces, video games, entertainment news, and reviews. His previous experience includes working at The Western People, a regional newspaper based in Co. Mayo.

Ann has brilliant experience in being a freelance editor and writer for national and regional magazines. She enjoys writing features and news stories primarily, but is always up for trying something new as well.

Megan is the Limerick Voice Political Editor. She has previously worked for Limerick Live 95 as a researcher on the 'Limerick Today Show' and as a producer of the 'In the County Show'. She still works there occasionally as a News Reporter. Megan's main interests are news, current affairs, politics and social issues.

Terrie Keane is a journalist from the South East. Terrie has previously worked as a news journalist with the Munster Express. She has a particular interest in social and current affairs. Terrie is also passionate about the Irish language with a wide knowledge of it.

Eoghan is the Sports Editor of the Limerick Voice 2019. Born and raised in Limerick, Eoghan crosses county lines to work for the Clare Champion where he is a reporter, mainly covering sports. His main interests are GAA, soccer and horse racing.

Ryan is a jack-of-all-trades journalist willing to tell anyone's story. He has over three years writing and radio experience. He excels in helping people find the words to tell their own stories but, be warned, has more than enough words to tell his own story too!

Baoyan has excellent knowledge of Limerick after working for I Love Limerick for two years as a journalist and social media manager. Baoyan is hoping to bring a different angle to explore another side of Limerick. She has great interest in business and agriculture.

Juliane is an enthusiastic Erasmus student at UL and is eager to learn all about Limerick. She's interested in various sections, such as features, sports, podcasts and social media.

Ciara Ferguson has extensive experience in her writing having worked as a reporter for the Connacht Tribune, writing for the UL news outlet, An Focal, as well as other online platforms. Ciara's main interest is in features.

Sascha is an Erasmus student from Denmark and has written for one of her home country’s biggest nationwide newspapers, Jyllands-Posten. Her main interests are features and news.

Aimee Wells is the 2019 Limerick Voice Production Editor. Interested mainly in layout and design, she has previously worked as the Design Editor for UL’s newspaper, An Focal. She has also spent time working on the news desk at the Limerick Post. Her journalistic interests lie in music, features, mental health, and radio broadcasting.

Sarah Cullen is this year's Limerick Voice Features Editor. Having spent six months working in an online publication in her home county Laois, she has learned so much about creating and sharing local news. Her passions as a journalist are current affairs, making a difference and telling the stories that matter. Sarah's friendly personality means people local people enjoy opening up to her.

Kyle is the Limerick Voice Social Media Manager. He has a varied background in both print and digital journalism. He has previously worked for The Irish Examiner on the digital desk. Kyle's main interests are news, features and politics but his passion lies in social media and online content.

Karli Olson is an MA Journalism student from Oregon, United States. She holds a BA Communications and has previously written for her town's local newspaper, The Tribune News. The topics that she loves writing about most are injustice, human rights, history, and the arts.

Darren is the 2019 Limerick Voice Video and Photography Editor. He has previously held the title of Editor of UL's campus newspaper, An Focal. He's now working as the ULFM Station Manager. Darren's main interests are music, culture and audio-visual media.

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