Keeping active is key to improve mental health wellbeing

The Health Services Executive discussed their mental health awareness campaign for Mental Health Week at the Hunt on Friday morning.

Attending the talk was Ciara Dempsey, Resource Officer for Suicide Prevention. The talks included an open discussion between the groups on minding the mental health of others and minding ones self.

Ciara Dempsey said, “A fourteenth of the size of Croke Park will be affected by mental health issues. We all have medical health, we all have physical health and when we think about physical health, we generally think positive things like fitness, getting active and maybe a broken arm but if we have a broken arm we know where to go, straight to an emergency department, or if you had a sick stomach for a while, we go to our GP but if we have a mental health issue, where do we go? We often don’t go anywhere with it and we need to open up that conversation.”

A number of tips were also given on how we can manage our mental health. This consisted of a number of simple methods from eating healthy food to getting active or even getting in touch with a distant friend.

Getting an allocated eight hours of sleep is key to keeping healthy physically and mentally according to Ms Dempsey.

“Lack of seep can lead to high levels of anxiety. We definitely function better if we are getting our 8 hours sleep.” She said.

Methods to help get the required amount of sleep include switching off your phone or by getting an alarm clock to establish a routine.

More information on how to mind mental health can be found here.

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