Weed maintenance required to improve state of footpaths in Limerick

Wet leaves on Milford Rd, Castletroy. Photo Credit: Limerick Voice Business Editor Martin O'Donnell

Councillors have expressed their concern in relation to the state of the footpaths around the city and county at the Metropolitan District meeting on Monday.

Residents have already been in contact with their local Councillors about overgrown weeds on footpaths.

The mix of warm weather and heavy rainfall has caused the weeds to grow more aggressively than they would have in previous years.

Weeds growing up through cracks on footpaths on Milford Rd, Castletroy. Photo credit: Martin O'Donnell

Weeds growing up through cracks on footpaths on Milford Rd, Castletroy. Photo credit: Martin O’Donnell

In a number of areas around the city weeds can be seen growing through the cracks in the footpaths, creating not just an eye sore but also a potential hazard to pedestrians.

The current budget for weed control around the city stands at €30,000.

Sinn Féin councillor for City East, Séighin Ó Ceallaigh, requested that the budget for weed control around the city be increased by €50,000 which would restore it to its previous figure of €80,000.

Cllr Ó Ceallaigh said that the weed control programme should be run in conjunction with the anti-litter campaign.

It was stated that this weed management programme is especially relevant to communities that are taking part in the Limerick Going for Gold competition.

Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon explained the expenses involved in the weed management programme.

“The budget is spent on the purchasing of pesticides and weed killers, training for the handling and application of pesticides and the health and safety equipment and training involved,” he said.

Councillors also raised their concerns about the safety of pedestrians, motorists and cyclists over the number of dead leaves that are on footpaths and roads around the city and this issue should be remedied as soon as possible.

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