Our social media highlights of 2016

Social Media Manager for the Limerick Voice 2016, Seán Lynch, takes a look back at the effort and statistics behind the Limerick Voice online.

The Limerick Voice has had a sturdy social media presence over the past number of years. This mainly consisted of posting online stories to Facebook and Twitter when published.

This year there was a real drive to use multi-media platforms to bring relevant news to our followers in different and engaging ways.

Working with the online team we used our different social media platforms to, get our online stories out there; cover major events in Limerick city and county; get discussion going around Limerick; and get a snapshot of news and images from the area over the three months of the Limerick Voice 2016 project.

In that time, our Facebook following grew by almost 400, Twitter by 200 and managed to get over one hundred followers on the newly created Instagram account in a very small timeframe.



We had over 220 posts on our Facebook page in three months, with 2,400 likes on those posts. This is a strong level of engagement, considering we received, on average, over ten likes on each post.

We covered many different events via Facebook Live and video, which combined to over 6,000 views.

Taking a look at the demographics of our Facebook followers, there is almost an even split of people following the Limerick Voice by gender. Interestingly, there are more young adults getting their news and content from us. More young people are engaging with our social media platforms, which is a pivotal way of getting our news to them by using these platforms. Overall, we reached 110,889 Facebook users. Over half our followers are from Limerick, but followers also extended to Dublin, Galway and even London and Canada.




We sent 860 tweets this semester, more than any previous year. Our profile was visited over 6,082 times, with a total of almost 200,000 impressions, meaning tweets from this semester alone were viewed twice as many times as our Facebook posts.

We covered every event we could that could be relevant to Limerick people on Twitter, from Munster matches, to Christmas Tree Lightings, family events and major launches. We used Twitter to regularly share our online news stories and breaking news.

We also took part in #Limerickhour weekly to connect with more local people for the first time this year.

On the day of the Limerick Voice physical newspaper launch, #LimerickVoice trended 43rd in Ireland for the day, which was a huge achievement for a small publication in Limerick.



We created a new Limerick Voice Instagram account to get a visual snapshot of Limerick city and county. There were 62 posts of images in total captured by our reporters from all over Limerick.

Other platforms


This was the first time the Limerick Voice team who recorder sport podcasts, which attracted over 1.700 views on our website. This is the kind of new multi-media platform the Limerick Voice was able to step onto this year, which really came from the passion and experience many in the team have for different areas.

We also collaboratively posted on YouTube and other social media platforms to get relevant news to people in Limerick on platforms they wanted to engage on.

We’ll be keeping you updated across social media, so keep in touch to stay updated with the Limerick Voice.

Check out page two of the Limerick Voice newspaper for more information on the Limerick Voice social media and online.

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