BREAKING: Riot takes over Dublin City Centre

Scenes of unrest take over Dublin’s O’Connell Street as crowds react to stabbings in Parnell Square today.

A Luas, a Dublin bus, and multiple garda cars have been set alight in Dublin City Centre as a crowd reacts to the attack which took place earlier today on Parnell Street.

The crowd, donned in black clothing and balaclavas, began harassing Gardaí in a believed reaction to a stabbing which injured three children and two adults, earlier today.

It is believed at least one garda has been physically assaulted, while others have had fireworks thrown at them during the disturbances at the junction of O’Connell Street and Parnell Square East.

Some protesters have been involved in fights with gardaí, while others threw bottles at officers.

A post from An Garda Síochána on X shows a large group of frontline Gardaí backed up by Public Order Units deployed in large numbers in Dublin City Centre.

Tánaiste Micheál Martin has expressed his horror at the earlier attack at the school, which he described as an attack on the innocent. He has said such violence could not be tolerated.

However, the Tánaiste also said it was unacceptable that people are tonight engaging in “wanton violence” on Dublin’s streets, calling on them to desist.

Mr Martin said the anger at today’s attack was understandable but it was important to allow gardaí to get on with the investigation.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has described the protests as “disgraceful”, adding that a “hooligan faction driven by far right ideology” had contributed to the trouble.

Speaking at Mountjoy Garda Station he also said some people were using the protests “for their own ends.”

“I thinks there’s disgraceful scenes in terms of a major investigation, the maintenance of a scene, the gathering of evidence,” he said.

“We have a complete lunatic hooligan faction driven by far right ideology … engaged in serious violence.

“We are drafting in resources to deal with that. And that will be dealt with properly.”

He appealed to those who had gathered there to “go home” and for people not to listen to misinformation on social media about the attacks.

“We ask people to act responsibly, not to listen to misinformation and rumour that’s circulating on social media. The facts are being established but the facts are still not clear and a lot of the rumour and innuendo is being spread for malevolent purposes.

“Those scenes are disgraceful. I wish people would calm down, go home and allow us actually conduct our duties and investigations.

“This is is one part, people using this tragic tragic event, which is under investigation by the proper authorities, that is An Garda Siochana.

“They’re using it for their own ends. And there is frankly a hooligan faction, who are only interested in causing damage and mayhem in the city centre and they are using the opportunity for that aswell.”

Commissioner Drew also said he could not rule a terrorist motivation for the attack.

“I can’t offer clarity at this moment in time as to what the motivation is, from whatever quarter it might be. I have to say at this moment in time all lines of enquiry, in effect motive, or the why, remains open.

“I’m not going to speculate any further in respect of a terrorist motive. I’ve never ruled out any possible motive for this attack. Until we’re sure of the motive is then we have to keep an open mind as to why this happened.”

The Garda Press Office have said that gardaí are trying to control “a live and active situation”.

Specialist units, including the Public Order Unit, have been deployed to the area and the press office said they are working “to try and keep everyone safe.”

Videos on X shows protestors allegedly looting Arnotts – a Dublin City landmark – alongside shops like Footlocker.

Some footage has emerged of rioters attacking the fire services and other emergency vehicles.

Videos have also been posted on social media of rioters allegedly attacking emergency accomodation in Finglas.

Some local businesses have begun shutting their doors to avoid violence entering their establishments.

Gardaí are advising members of the public to avoid the North City Centre at this time.

All Dublin Bus services serving O’Connell Street have been diverted until further notice as a result of the ongoing protests.

Some X users have claimed to have seen Irish Defence Forces in Dublin City – a claim which has been adressed and found untrue by the defence forces themselves.

Further updates to come as news unfolds.

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