BREAKING: Majority of UL to stay online “for rest of semester”

The University of Limerick has this afternoon announced plans to continue its model of online class delivery for the remainder of the first semester.

In an email distributed to students shortly after midday, Professor Nigel Healey, Interim Vice President Academic Affairs & Student Engagement, said: “This is not the student experience we would have wanted for you, but for the time being we have to live with COVID-19.”

He said, “UL staff have moved mountains since the crisis began to ensure there is no compromise to your learning and no impact on your degree programmes.”

Dr. Healey stated “we must take this collective action now as a university and all of us as individuals have a role to play in halting this second wave of COVID-19.”

“This decision has the support of both Student Life and the Postgraduate Student Union and we will continue to work closely with your student leaders.” jhe added.

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Essential face-to-face learning activities will continue to take place on campus, including all research activities, lab-based and practical tuition and certain small-scale tutorials that cannot happen online.

The move is thought to affect those in Arts and Humanites disciplines more than those in the sciences.

The news comes a day after Ireland announced it’s highest-ever number of cases since the pandemic began, and a second wave of the virus appears to be hitting countries around Europe.

Student’s timetables will be amended accordingly for Weeks 6 to 12 by the end of next week, Friday, October 23rd.

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