Countrywide demonstrations show Irish support for Palestine

Demonstrations of solidarity continue to take place across the country.

On Wednesday evening, the Limerick branch of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) held a demonstration in the city centre.

Over 150 people gathered on Bedford Row to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine. 


On Saturday, October 7, a Palestinian militant group by the name of Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel. Since this attack, the media, celebrities, and governments all over the world have shown huge support for Israel – a courtesy that hasn’t been extended to Palestine over years and years of Israel attacking the nation.

As Stella Gordon said in an incredibly insightful deep dive into the conflict: “As the world watches this war escalate, Ireland is one of few Western countries to stand up for Palestine. News broke on October 9 that Ireland rejected the European Union’s suspension of aid to Palestine. Irish politicians have spoken out about the conflict, showing support to the Palestinian civilians.”

Photo by Gemma Good


Chairperson of the Limerick Branch of the IPSC Zoe Lawlor said: “We’re here today to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people. We’re here to demand an end to the mass violence.”

Addressing those gathered Zoe explained: “hospitals, ambulances, universities, apartment blocks, markets; everything in Gaza is a target.”

“Capitals of Europe light up their buildings with the Israeli flag and governments stand with apartheid Israel,” she stated. 

As dusk fell over the Treaty City, the crowd chanted: “free free Palestine, two, four, six, eight, Israel is a racist state.” 

Young children read poetry, tweets posted by those living in Gaza were read aloud, followed by music and singing. 

After speaking at the event, Ghandi Khalili from Palestine explained that Palestinians have been living in “occupation” for over seventy years “without any support from the outside world.” 

“It [Gaza] is basically an open-air prison,” he described. 

Demonstrations also took place in Dublin, Waterford, Newry, Naas and Cork yesterday evening.

The Limerick branch of the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign is organising another event on Bedford Row this Saturday, October 14, at 1pm – with further updates available on their website.

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