Derelict site in City East ordered to be demolished

LIMERICK City and County Council has served the owners of the Horizon Mall with an order to demolish the partially built structure at the Parkway Valley site on the Dublin Road.

The order was made under the Derelict Sites Act 1990 and requires the owners, Novelty IVAC, to raze the building to the ground, with work to be completed within six months.

The order is part of Limerick City and County Council’s programme of targeting derelict sites with a view to bringing them back into use and reducing eyesores around the city and county.

The site has been derelict since 2007 and since then has changed ownership on a number of occasions.  It has been on the Derelict Site Register since July 2018.

In a statement made by the City and County Council, it says “this is a very positive development and one, which elected representatives and locals have been calling on for some time”.

The owners are in discussions with Limerick City and County Council about their plans for the site.

The proposed development for Horizon Mall which was never realised.

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