Anger as Foynes airbrushed from Map of Ireland

Margaret O' Shaughnessy

Residents in Foynes, Co. Limerick, are up in arms to find that the town has been airbrushed from the map of Ireland in the annual Irish Mail on Sunday Maxol road map.

The popular supplement in the paper has caused outcry among residents and business people alike.

“This is a terrible blow to Foynes, its one disaster after another, last week we had a serious flood in the museum and this week we are banished from the map of Ireland,” said Curator of The Foynes Flying Boat Museum, Margaret O’ Shaughnessy.


Margaret O’ Shaughnessy, Director of Foynes Flying Boat Museum, pictured with the map without Foynes.

“So many people have got in touch with me to express their concern and amazement that such a thing could happen, we hope it is only on one print run or this could seriously damage our business next season,” she added.

Meanwhile efforts are underway by other community activists in the area to petition the council to provide more road signage for Foynes in the city exit routes.

“We provided the map in good faith under license from the AA we did not actually print the publication, we only distributed it,” said a spokesperson for The Mail on Sunday.

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However, they promised that they would inspect the next publication before it reaches the public and ensure that Foynes would be restored to its rightful place on the map.

The AA, the map’s publishers, advised that it is not possible to show all towns and villages due to space.

“Therefore, we selected only to include settlements above a population of 800. In the census data used, Foynes has a population of 542, so it was excluded.”

The good news for Foynes is the matter will be resolved in the next publication.

“We are happy to add Foynes to our exceptions list and include it for future editions,” the spokesperson added.


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