Website launched to connect people of Limerick from across the world

A new website called Global Limerick has been launched in order for Limerick to engage with people from the county who are living elsewhere.

The new interactive web platform aims to connect Limerick’s 3.5 million diaspora no matter where they are living in the world.

Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Patrick O’Donovan launched the project which was led by Limerick City and County Council.

“Global Limerick is a hugely important way for up to 3.5m people of Limerick descent to keep in contact with what is happening in their city and county,” he said.

The website publishes Limerick related stories so that Limerick natives and descendants, along with anyone with an affiliation to Limerick, can connect with the city.

It is hoped that users will engage with each together to help build beneficial relationships and enhance regional development in Limerick.

“The diaspora have played and are playing an important role in shaping the Limerick we see today,” said Minister O’Donovan.

“Their input into the economic, tourist and culture life of Limerick cannot be underestimated and I’m delighted to launch such a platform which will further connect those around the world with their homeland,” he added.

John King of Global Limerick said that the ultimate aim of the project is to establish or further develop links with diaspora groups on a national and international level with strong connections currently being developed with Club Limerick Dublin and the Capital Limerick initiative.

“Over time the spread of connections and groups will be visible across a map of the globe indicating the locations and reach of the Limerick diaspora, with services adapting to user demand,” he said.

Mr King added, “We are connecting with Limerick groups across the country and globally to spread the message and help grow our networks. There is amazing goodwill among the Limerick diaspora for their home place and we want to tap in to that for benefit of everyone.”

Mayor of the City and County of Limerick, Councillor Kieran O’Hanlon said that he welcomed the new platform which will allow the city to reach out to Limerick diaspora to create mutually beneficial relationships internationally.

He added that “Global Limerick’s success will in turn contribute to the social capital, economic, political and cultural development of Limerick and its hinterland and help achieve the targets in the Limerick 2030 Economic and Spatial Plan.”

“We’re delighted to keep in touch with our diaspora across the world to keep them up to date and engaged with Limerick,” he said.

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