Government’s Reopening Guidelines Explained

Governments Reopening Guidelines Explained

Limerick Voice Reporter Roisin Ni Shuilleabhain takes a closer look at the reopening guidelines announced this Tuesday.

The government has announced the remaining aspects of the hospitality, entertainment and night-time economy sector can reopen only with the “full range of protective measures in place” and continued implementation of the Digital COVID Certificate. 

This will allow us to move forward carefully with Ireland’s plan for the next phase of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What measures will be in place from October 22?

  • Nightclubs will be allowed reopen on Friday, October 22, with certain conditions.
  • Strict protocol around Digital COVID Certificates will be part of nightclubs reopening plan.
  • Table service to remain in hospitality settings (with a maximum of 10 adults per table and a maximum of 15 including children).
  • The use of antigen tests will be promoted on a voluntary basis for high risk indoor activities.
  • Specific guidelines around social-distancing and mask wearing in nightclubs are to be published.
  • Current restrictions for pubs and restaurants will remain in place until at least February.
  • The return to full capacity sports stadiums will be permitted from Friday on the basis it is an outdoor activity.
  • The Government has delayed a full return to office next week.
  • The public are being encouraged to work from home if they can do so.
  • Limits on the numbers attending weddings and other religious ceremonies will be lifted on Friday.
  • Other Covid-19 measures for such events will still apply.
  • Over-60s will soon be able to avail of Covid-19 booster vaccine shots. The move comes following advice from the National Immunisation Advisory Committee.
  • Mask wearing will still be required indoors.
  • The current enhances illness benefit payment arrangement for Coivd-19 of €350 a week will remain in place.
  • International Travel: Proof of valid PCR test result still required. 
  • Mandatory Hotel quarantine system to be wound down.
  • Mandatory home quarantine requirements to be removed.

COVID-19 infection rates are once again rising along with hospitalisation and ICU admissions.

There is a continued need to monitor the ongoing risk from COVID-19 and this will be monitored through continued testing and contact tracing where appropriate. 

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